“The virtue of Love is nothing and all, or that Nothing Visible out of which All Things proceed. Its power is through all things; its height is as high as God. Its virtue is the principle of all principles; its power supports the Heavens and uphold the Earth; its height is higher than the highest Heavens, and its greatness is even greater than the very manifestation of the Godhead in the Glorious Light of the Divine Essence, as being infinitely capable of greater and greater manifestations in all Eternity. What can I say more? Love is higher than the highest. Love is greater than the greatest. Yea, it is in a certain sense greater than God; while yet, in the highest sense of all, God is Love, and Love is God. Love being the highest principle is the virtue of all virtues; from whence they flow forth. Love, being the greatest majesty, is the Power of all Powers, from whence the severely operate. And it is the Holy Magical Root, a Ghostly Power from whence all the wonders of God have been wrought by the hands of his elect servants, in all their generations successively, whosoever finds it, finds Nothing and All Things. …

Its virtue is Nothing, or that Nothing which is the beginning of All Things, thou must understand it thus; When thou art gone forth wholly from the creature, and from that which is visible; and art become nothing to all that is Nature and Creature, than thou art in that Eternal One, which is God Himself; and then thou shalt perceive and feel within thee the highest virtue of Love. But in that I said, its power is through All Things, this is that which perceivest and findest in thy own soul and body experimentally, whenever the great Love is enkindled within thee; seeing that it will burn more than the fire can do, as it did in the prophets of old, and afterwards in the apostles, when God conversed with them bodily, and when his Spirit descended upon them in the Oratory of Zion. Thou shalt then see also in all the works of God, how Love hath poured forth itself into all things, and penetrated all things, and is the most inward and most outward ground in all things. Inwardly, in the virtue and power of every thing, and outwardly in the figure and form thereof.

“And in that I said, Its height is as high as God; thou mayest understand this in thyself: forasmuch as it brings thee to be as high as God Himself is, by being united to God;… In that I said, its virtue is the principle of all principles; hereby it is given to understand that Love is the principle cause of all created beings, …” ~Jakob Boehme

Boehme, or Bohme was a sixteenth century mystic and theologian who became enlightened when he gazed at the reflection of the sun in a shiny pewter bowl.