Thought Echoes Control the World we Live In

thought echoes

Thought Echoes Control the World we Live In

“The first thing that Love requires is this: When you meet someone, find at least one lofty trait in his character for which you can love him.
“Think good for others! When a man thinks good for others, he thinks good for himself.
“The echo of every thought of yours will come back to you. You will here it one day. If you keep in your mind the bad energy about somebody, it will make an imprint in your brain and you will resemble that man. To keep people’s good traits in your mind and not criticize anyone is a sure method for developing Love. …
“That which you love in man is the inner, the invisible thing. That thing is the real thing. … Divine Love is love toward the man himself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Thought Echoes

Yes, all thoughts echo back to us and have an effect on us. The also echo to others and have an effect on them. Likewise, their thoughts echo off us and effect us. To a certain degree, the spiritual adept can learn to block many negative thoughts. Most of us can only counter them with positive ones.

Find Love

It is easy to dislike another person for one reason or another. Perhaps he belongs to the wrong political party. Maybe she goes to the “wrong” church. It may be something more specific to that person. Maybe he gets drunk regularly. Or she refuses to let pets live in the house. Or he wears brown shoes with black slacks. You can find many reasons to dislike another person if you look for them.

What many of us refuse to do is look at that same person and find something to like about. Yes, he belongs to the wrong political party, buts he’s a good father to his children. Sure, she is feeding her family junk food that you would never eat, but at least she gets them to sit down to dinner together. If you try, you can find something to like about every person. And if you can find a reason to like the you can also love them as a fellow human being, flawed but trying to do well.

Biensa Douno says that what we really need to do, however, is go beyond the superficial material man, and look at the spirit and soul. That is true, but perhaps even harder for those not yest spiritually developed at all. Still, it is what we should all try to do. We need to remember that the soul is worthy of our love, even if the body and mind isn’t. But as was already said, you can find something to like about everyone, even on the physical and mental levels.

Thought Echoes and Amplification

Even if you don’t think all people are worthy of love, you need to consider something: there are people who feel the same way about you. When you participate in that game, you courage it to continue. While that hateful thought echoes you send to others may cause some slight harm to them, the thoughts they reflect back to you do the same.

The well-developed spiritual person can do more than just control his thought echoes, and block the negative thought echos of others. He can amplify his positive, loving thought echos so they have the power of dozens of negative thoughts. He does this by taking in more spiritual Light energy than he really needs, then sending the excess out into the world with positive thoughts attached. When enough people do this, that energy will transform the evil in the world and those people you now think are unworthy of love will become worthy. So don’t let time control you and your thought echoes. Love all now.

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