Thought Power and Making it Work for You

thought power

Thought Power and Making it Work for You

“If a man thinks murder, he actually puts out an element of murder in the air. He sends from him a plan of murder as real as if drawn on paper; its thought is absorbed by others; so is this element and unseen plan of murder absorbed by other minds; it inclines them toward violence if not murder. If a person is ever thinking of sickness, he sends from him the element of sickness; if he thinks of health, strength, and cheerfulness he sends from him constructions of thought affecting others to health and strength as well as himself. … When thought is sent out to anything, you send out your force. When it is centered in a single thing, and so drawn in and kept from straying every moment, you are drawing in force.” ~Prentice Mulford

Thought Power

Thoughts are real things. They give off an energy that can be measured. And energy, as you learned in grade school science class, does work. The energy sent out by a radio station transmission puts music in our radio. The microwaves transmitted by our cell phones send energy to a cell phone antenna and into the phone network. No energy just floats around doing nothing. All energy does work. Thought energy perhaps most of all since the whole universe is nothing but light controlled by thought.

Thinking is Doing

Jesus said that sinning in your thoughts was just as bad as sinning in deeds. Why? Because He understood that thought is the creative force of the universe. In various ways, our thoughts create the world around us. The good news, however, is that it doesn’t always work.

For decades we’ve heard of positive thinking, affirmations, visualization, and so on. All of these programs and concepts are aimed at helping us think our way to a better life. But most who try them don’t see the desired results. It usually isn’t because you are doing it wrong. It’s because of so many other thoughts conflicting with yours.

Thought Power Competition

If you are trying to build a house while someone else is trying to tear it down, neither of you will make much progress. The conflicting goals prevent it. The same is true of thought power. If you were alone on Earth, nearly all of your thoughts would come true. And it would happen almost instantly. But you are not alone.

There are billions of people on Earth. They have conflicting goals, thoughts, and interests. If a thousand of them have the goal of being the richest man in the world, what happens? It can’t come true for all of them, no matter how hard they try. So this is an unreasonable and irrational goal because it’s nature means there will be conflicting thoughts about it. Like a sound dampening device that blocks sounds by generating the opposite waves, those opposing goals cancel out each other.

If you change your goal to simply be rich, you will still be competing with many others who want the same, but it’s not the same type of competing. Many can be rich while only one can be the richest. Yet that goal still may not happen. There are many people who think that being rich means you are taking more than you need or have truly earned. They oppose such behavior and their thoughts conflict with yours. They have a dampening effect that makes your task of becoming rich a lot harder.

Those are a few simple examples. In reality, we have conflicting thoughts with nearly everyone else at certain times. They may be only a few degrees off from what we want, or diametrically opposed. It all adds up to a chaos of creation.

Effective Thought Power

Thought power can be effective, though. The first step is to acknowledge that thought does have power and can make things happen. That alone will go a long way in helping us to change our personal thinking habits.

Another thing that can help our thought power be more effective is to put more energy behind it. We can do that by taking in light from the sun. Light from the physical sun can give our material thoughts more energy and power. Light from the spiritual sun can do the same for our spiritual goals and aspirations.

Third, we can combine our thought power with others for greater effect. The business words calls it synergy. But they refer to people working for the same goal physically, and not what they are thinking. It they are in sync both in actions and thoughts the thought power will be most effective.

Finally, the greatest source of thought power is God. When you get your thoughts and desires in sync with His Plan and His Laws, they cannot fail. When enough of us do that, the entire world will change from that thought power.

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