“The Tree of Life has many branches, and that which is initiation bears the best fruit. It is about this that your brother writes. It began in that far away glorious period before the days of wickedness, which caused men to walk in darkness, in the days when they walked in the Light of Truth.
“A house of Hidden Places was maintained, so that all who had any part in governing the lives of the people, whether as king or priest or official, could prove themselves worthy before becoming encumbered with the office.
“Later, it came about that the Hidden Places had to be further secured, and only men long established in goodness could enter them. Those in high places and those with power shirked the austerities and dangers demanded, and thereby, they cut themselves off from the Light of Truth.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:2:4-6)

Tree of Life

As with most spiritual writings, we have a mixture of literal truth with allegorical truth. In this case, it is nearly all allegorical. The Tree of Life, much like its counterpart, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil are not trees at all. They are allegorical symbols of spiritual things. Without getting into too much detail, the Tree of Life represents spiritual truth, eternal truth, and eternal life.  The Tree of Knowledge represents the material world of illusion. That is why it was forbidden. It isn’t that knowledge is but, only false knowledge and false beliefs that lead away from the true path.

Many Branches of the Tree of Life

If you do a Google search, you will find that most interpret “branches on the tree of life” as meaning something material. They may depict the branches as plants, animals, and man. They may get more detained with bacteria, and viruses, and one-celled animals, and so on. None of that is correct because the tree of Life is spiritual.

One interpretation for “branches” is that there are multiple paths to the truth represented by the tree. Some schools teach that there are many paths, thousands of paths, and we must each follow our own. While in a certain sense, that is true, most often the result of that philosophy is that many waste their lives following a path that leads nowhere. While there are minor difference in the exact path taken, there is really only one path that leads to the ultimate truth. The Kolbrin Bible calls this “branch” the branch of initiation. In other words, this is the branch of the spiritual student who becomes an initiate in a spiritual school, and practices spiritual growth techniques. Just reading about spiritual things is another branch. Those who blindly except what the state-approved churches and priests tell them of God and truth is another. Those branches rarely bear fruit.

House of Hidden Places

This can be both allegorical and literal. A house of hidden places might be a hidden school or mystery school. It may be hidden by placing it off in a wilderness somewhere, or it may be hidden by being out in an open place in a city, but with the purpose of the building unknown to most.

On the more allegorical side of it, these “houses” are places where one is taught about the hidden places. This is where the initiates learn of the hidden worlds of spirit that exist beyond the limitations of the material world. It is in these “houses” that they learn how to climb to the highest branches of that Tree of Life.

Kings and Priests

It is true that long ago, I many parts of the world, officials in government and religion were required to either be initiates of a mystery school themselves, or to consult with the leaders of such schools regularly. A king who failed to do so could not rightfully wear a gold crown representing the spiritual sun to show that he was guided from above.

Unfortunately, some turned away from this path and became materialistic leaders instead. Not just kings and queens, but even priests and other types of leaders. We see the results around us: a world that is slowly being destroyed by the very beings who live on it.

But it isn’t too late for the politicians, priests, scientists and all of us to turn away from the Tree of Knowledge of Matter and instead start climbing the Tree of Life.

Illustration: An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil (Tree of Life) as described in the Icelandic Prose Edda by Oluf Olufsen Bagge