“[After awakening from a lengthy dream sequence] ‘Thank God for the sun,’ I cried, ‘Thank God for the light and heat of the sun’.
“I was again on surface earth; once more I beheld the glorious orb for the sight of which I had as often prayed when I believed myself miserable in the dismal earth caverns, and which I had been willing to give my very life once more to behold. I fell on my knees, and raised my hands in thankfulness. I blessed the rising sun, the illimitable sand, the air around me, and the blue heavens above. … I did not think to question by what power this miracle had now been accomplished.
“I turned toward the sun, and walked eastward. As the day progressed and the sun rose into the heavens, I maintained my journey, aiming as best I could to keep in the same direction.” ~John Uri Lloyd

Thankful for the Sun

The quote above was preceded by many pages of a dream or vision in which Mr. Lloyd visits numerous places that may seem great at first, but he soon realizes are places of darkness, regions of Hell. It is, therefore, very understandable that when he awakens, he is very thankful for the light of the sun. Since Mr. Lloyd in a spiritual writer, I think we can safely say that it goes beyond that. He is thankful to the sun, and the light and heat of the sun, because he recognizes the sun as being at least a symbol of God, and possibly a lot more, namely a path to God. Of course, the sun that is most symbolic of God, and most certainly an important part of the path to God and spiritual enlightenment, is the Spiritual Sun that unfortunately few of us ever see.

We don’t see it because it is not material and therefore cannot be seen with the physical eyes. Some, however, can feel, when they look toward the sun, that there is something beyond that big ball of “fire” that call to something deep inside that has not quite awakened.

Turn Toward the Spiritual Sun

Lloyd tells us he “turned toward the sun, and walked eastward.” He also tells us that he did his best to maintain his journey and stay aimed in that same direction. This is not a journal entry of Lloyd’s adventures, but a metaphor or analogy of the spiritual journey he is recommending we all follow.

When he says that he turned toward the sun, he is advising us to do the same. Once again, though, he is not advising us to stare at the physical sun and melt our eyeballs! He is advising us to look upon the Spiritual Sun hidden “behind” it, using the secret techniques taught in all the great esoteric and mystery schools for many centuries. He is advising sungazing.

He further advises us to not give up, not give in to the calls of the temptations of the world of materialism, but to keep our eye on the great prize of eternal life in spirit, and Cosmic Consciousness that awaits those who stay on the path and continue to head toward that sun no matter how often or how strongly they are invited into the darkness by well-meaning, but misguided, friends, or sometimes actual demons whispering in our ears. It isn’t easy, but for those who develop the strength and wisdom to stay the route, the prize is the greatest treasure possible. So turn toward the sun, the Spiritual Sun, and never give up.