Vision of a New Kind


Vision of a New Kind

“A law known to occultism is that with every new stage of evolution, an element from the past makes its appearance. Ancient faculties, survivals from the past epochs which have atrophied in the being of man, act as ferments for subsequent development; they are like the yeast which makes the dough rise. Man’s present faculty of dreaming will beget a new kind of vision, a perception of the astral and spiritual world.
“The man of today lives only in his senses and intellect which elaborates what the senses tell him. The intellect of man of the future will awaken to the full light of consciousness.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Elements of the Past

I haven’t heard this theory before, but it makes perfect sense. The fact is that over the long history of mankind, there have been many attempts to awaken us, make us fully conscious again in the state called Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness, and bring us “back into the fold”, that is, return us to the spiritual realms from which we “fell”. Naturally, each new attempt will start with that which worked in previous ones, and go forward from there.

I don’t quite agree with Mr. Steiner’s belief that it is dreams that will be the thing brought back from the past to aid us. Dreams will certainly be a part of it, but there is much more that is returning to us in the End Times giving us one final chance to save ourselves. We will have intuition, visions, and expanding consciousness as well as dreams. We will discover new source of crystals and gems that will aid in this quest. We will be sent new prophets to help. Some of these things have happened already, and more is still to come. The greatest of these is the return of the Sun of Righteousness, a special Spiritual Sun that one might call a super-powered spiritual sun in the language of today. Yes, there have been discoveries of great caverns of gigantic an powerful crystals, a reemergence of energy and vibration healing using sound and light that had been pushed into the background by chemical medicine, and now a growing awareness that we should eat natural, organic foods instead of GMO crap and plastics as doing so will prevent the need for much of those healing arts entirely.

New Vision

Steiner says that dreaming will “beget a new kind of vision, a perception of the astral and spiritual world.” That is true, but things more than dreams will be needed to bring this great change about, namely the Spiritual Light of the Sun of Righteousness. I do have to congratulate Mr. Steiner on recognizing what so few esoteric teachers seem to do: that the astral plane and the spiritual is not the same.

Astral and Spiritual

Many think of the dimensions of reality as simply two, or perhaps three, with the material world being the lowest and the spiritual world being the higher one. First, the material dimension that we live in, the third dimension, is not the lowest. And above it are several dimensions. The next higher dimension is that which is often called the astral. This is not Heaven. This is not a happy place. This is the land of demons and devils, tricksters and horrors. It is the place Jesus quickly (and wisely) passed through without stopping on his way to higher planes.

Those higher planes, the fifth through the eighth dimension, are all spiritual and the difference in each is not relevant at this time. It is sufficient to know that the spiritual realms are those above the psychic plane or astral plane, and it is those levels that we all yearn for deep inside, even if we are not aware of it (with the exception of those who have already lost their souls by committing horrendous crimes against God and nature such as murder).

Only in Intellectual

Mr. Steiner says the man of today lives only “in his senses and intellect”. “What is wrong with that?” you might ask. What is wrong with it is that the human intellect is a far more limited faculty than we like to believe. While it can speculate in vague ways on such things as God and the world of spirit, It can never truly know or understand them. Only the spirit and soul can understand the spiritual worlds and the great wisdom found there called Gnosis. The intellect is quite valuable in it’s own realm, and we should congratulate those who take time to develop it. But there is much more to the universe that the third dimension where intellect rules, and those higher levels can only be understood by Consciousness, the mind of the Soul. It is like the old tale of the blind men trying to understand an elephant. The one who touches the trunk thinks the elephant is like a snake, the one holding the leg thinks it is like a tree, and so on. The get the wrong picture because they cannot see, and those who try to understand the spiritual without bothering to awaken the spiritual faculties are, on a spiritual level, just as blind.

So open your “eyes,” collect your tools, and start seeking wisdom and truth today, because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

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