The Third Stele of Seth

We rejoice
we rejoice
we rejoice.
We saw
we saw
we saw what really preexists1,
that it really is
and is the first eternal one.
You, unborn2,
from You come the eternal one
and eternal realms,
the all-perfect ones, who are established,
and the perfect beings.
We praise You, nonbeing3,
reality before realities,
first being before beings,
father of divinity and life,
creator of mind,
donor of goodness,
donor of blessedness.

We all praise You,
You who knew,
with glorifying praise,
You, because of whom all these are …
who know Yourself through Yourself alone.
There is nothing active prior to You.
You are Spirit, alone and living.
You know the One,
that we cannot speak of this one,
which is Yours everywhere,
Your Light enlightens us4.
Command us to see You
so we may be saved.
Knowledge of You is our salvation.
If You command, we have been saved.

Truly we are saved5
We have seen You through mind.
You are all these
and save them all,
You who will not be saved
nor have been saved by them.
You have commanded us.
You are One,
You are One,
as one might tell You,
You are One.
You are a single, living Spirit.
How shall we give You a name?
We have none.
You are their existence,
You are their life, You are their mind.
In You they rejoice.
You ordered them saved
through Your word …
the single glory, at the fore,
O hidden One, blessed Senaon, who conceived Himself,
Elemaon,the great power
You who are my Armedon
You generator of powers
You are in You,
You are before You,
and after You none have come to act.
How shall we praise You?
We cannot7,
but we thank You,
we who are inferior.
For You commanded us,
You who are our superior,
to glorify You
as best we can.
We praise You because we are saved
and we always glorify You.
Now we shall glorify You
that we be saved to eternal salvation.
We have praised You
for we can.
We have been saved.
You always wished
us to do it. We have done it. …

Whoever remembers these and always glorifies will be perfect among the perfect and free of suffering beyond all things. …

So understand, as those who are alive, that You have succeeded. You have taught Yourselves about things infinite. Marvel at the truth within them, and at the revelation.

  1. What existed before The Fall.
  2. Unborn because God Always was, always will be.
  3. Because He is more than an ordinary being.
  4. God’s Light is the only thing that can enlighten us, and we receive it through the spiritual sun.
  5. The earlier part of this stele was asking for enlightenment and Gnosis, now the vice has changed to one who has achieved it.
  6. Believed to be mystical or spiritual names used for God by various peoples or schools.
  7. We can praise God, of course, but it is pointless since he is not flattered by such praise.