Our Centers are facilities for retreat, contemplation and meditation, prayer, conferences and seminars, and other amenities for both Community members and the public at large. The focus is on healing and therapeutics and the application of Cosolargy’s many techniques. Our mission to reach, touch, and affect people in positive and spiritually beneficial ways and to share the Sacred Teachings of Light with people the world over as part of our global and international Community.

Cosolargy International’s vision is to have Community Centers in unique and specially energized places around the world for enhanced renewal of body, mind and Spirit. Centers presently exist in the high desert of northern Nevada, southern Japan, and Baja California Sur. Plans for future development currently include Peru, Hawaii, and New Zealand.


Red Rock Consecrated Sanctuary

For nearly 40 years Community Members have enjoyed the serenity of this unique desert Sanctuary spread over 1200 acres in a mountain valley just 20 minutes from downtown Reno, where we meet for beautiful sunrises and Community fellowship. The place to go to be near nature and for healing the spirit.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/redrocksanctuary/


Steamboat Hot Springs

A kind of sanctuary not only for Community members but for all who come to the Healing Center for health and wellness. Steamboat’s highly mineralized geothermal waters are unique among spas since 1857. Soak in mineral baths while being surrounded with your favorite healing and energizing color — from red to violet. Experience true relaxation and enjoy some of the very best healing waters to be found anywhere all while having an excellent team of therapists care for you with massage, Sonatherapy, Ayurveda and other energetic treatments. A historic landmark and a treasure of The Community and of Reno. There is definitely something in the water!

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The Chapel of the Holy Child

Located in downtown Reno, Nevada, the Chapel of the Holy Child glows with natural tones of wood and tile. Skylights fill the room with natural light and lend a bright and airy atmosphere. The Chapel is open to everyone of all backgrounds. Services are ecumenical and include weekly Communion of Fellowship with accompanying scriptural readings and sermons, baptisms, weddings, memorials and funerals.


Institute Of Japan

The Japanese Community has held a bright light in the Pacific for many years teaching the System of Cosolargy to Shinto, Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian alike. The Center is located in the enchanting city of Kurume, 45 minutes from Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan. Ceremonies, including sunrise services, classes and other gatherings are held weekly. Vital answers to serious and traditional spiritual seekers are given by Master Yukinori Matsushita, who has been practicing The System since 1977.

Cosolargy Japan Website: http://cosolargyjp.net/


The Retreat at El Cardonal

First and foremost, the planned Retreat at El Cardonal is to be Cosolargy International’s center for Latin America. Located on the spectacular Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) one hour north of San Jose del Cabo, this multi-purpose and multi-use facility will encompass not only a teaching center for Cosolargy but also a health and well-ness center that will offer various types of energetic therapies. Many years have been spent diligently translating The Academy course materials into Spanish, so that The System is now ready to be offered to the Spanish-speaking world.

Read about the National Geographic expedition to Cabo del Este and collaboration with Cosolargy to protect the region: https://cosolargy.org/2019-baja-california-sur-impact-expedition/