“So long as you are in a confident, determined, serene frame of mind, having some special aim in view based on right and justice, so long are you moving in this way the strongest silent power of your thought in attracting to you the persons you need to cooperate with. If your aim is not based on right and justice, you will still move this silent power of your mind, but it will not affect results so beneficial to you as your thought based on your highest idea of right.

“If you wish to gain through deceit and craft, you can do so. You will attract, by the same law and method, deceitful and dishonest thought in advance of its body. You will than work with the dishonest in the body. Dishonest minds herd together through a natural law.” ~Prentice Mulford

Frame of Mind

Most people don’t understand how important the right frame of mind is. What we think, what we see, what we do is all affected by it. When Columbus landed in America, most of the Native Americans could not see his ships. They could not believe such big boats could exist, so they could not see them. Only when the tribal Medicine Man told them what was there were they able to see it. It sound strange, but this happens to all of us, all the time.

Take the classic example from business and Psychology classes. Three men walk by an empty lot in the city. The land developer sees a spot where a luxury hotel could be built. The social worker sees a place for a neighborhood playground, while the gardener sees a place that could be turned into a neighborhood garden. We could go on with ten others who each see something different depending n their frame of mind.

Spiritual Frame of Mind

In order to truly develop your spiritual self, you need more than a positive mind and a can-do attitude. You need to have a spiritual frame of mind. That means that your spiritual growth must be your top priority. There are many forces in this world that wish to keep us trapped in matter. There are also forth-dimensional dark beings that want to keep us trapped on this level where they can control us. If we don’t make spiritual growth our top priority, we make it easy for them to turn us away from it. A positive and serene frame of mind is good. A spiritual one is better.

Gain Through Deceit

As Mulford notes, it is possible to gain through deceit. By cheating, lying, and basically being a con, you can get wealthy. But even in the material world, this method often causes problems. First, there is something called karma. Those who gain wealth they haven’t earned justly will end up paying for in ways they probably won’t like. They will pay through illness, loss of friends or loved ones, being conned by other cons, and so on. Such people constantly live in fear, and often make irrational decisions because of it.

Of greater concern, however, is the spiritual damage you do to yourself when you operate as a con man. First, deceitful people often reach a point where they even start deceiving themselves. They actually start believing their own lies. And when it comes to spiritual growth, you are not going to get far if you continue to believe lies. Second, even if you have a true spiritual awakening and attempt to mend your ways, it may be very difficult. People who know you as a con are not likely to listen to anything you say. And if you haven’t completely reformed, but are still deceiving some with your business dealings, you will not get any aid from angels, ascended masters, or any other light being on your path. So part of a healthy frame of mind is to always be honest. There are, sadly, many cons operating as preachers and spiritual gurus today. But if you want to experience true spiritual growth, you must be honest and forthright. So start developing that kind of frame of mind now.