portrait of Gene

Gene Savoy Jr.

Gene Savoy Jr. is the eldest son of the late Gene Savoy Sr., founder of Cosolargy International. Born in Mexico City, Gene has been practicing the System of Cosolargy since birth. He was baptized by his father in the waters of the Pacific Ocean off Acapulco and was dedicated to the Light, also by his father, atop the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan.


Educated his entire life in the Sacred Teachings of Light and Cosolargy, Gene succeeded his father as President of Cosolargy International and Head Bishop-Overseer of the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent, upon his father’s passing on September 11, 2007. In that capacity, Gene also serves as President of the Jamilian University of the Ordained, from which he graduated with various degrees.

Cosolargy International Advancement

Gene is dedicated to leading a new global spiritual movement based on the Universal System of Cosolargy. Widely traveled, he regularly visits and presides at venues world-wide on behalf of Cosolargy International and the Jamilian University bringing people together and introducing them to the Teachings of Light. Gene has traveled extensively expanding Cosolargy International and its teachings to Japan and Mexico. He is currently seeking to do the same in Peru, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Personal Life

His expertise and skills as an effective communicator, team builder, creative planner and speaker, along with his fundraising and outreach abilities, propel his visionary outlook for the future. Gene married Radheka Patel in 2012 and is the proud father of six – four daughters, one step-daughter, and a son.

An avid reader and student of history, theology, and metaphysics, Gene is the author of Solar Cultures of Ancient Greece, a textbook used in the curriculum of The Academy for the Study of the Religious Arts, Spiritual Sciences, and Therapeutic Technologies of Cosolargy.