The Global Community and Key Members of Cosolargy

We recognize that people from different cultures, nations, and races bring something unique to a collection of individuals with like purpose. This can benefit and enrich any one of us in ways we might not expect. We have also seen that The System of Cosolargy works for people of diverse interests, beliefs, and residences throughout the world. These common views among Cosolargists culturally metabolize us into an international and universal group.

Gary Buchanan

Reverend Cannon Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan (b. 1948) has been a member of Cosolargy® International since 1975, in-residence in Reno since 1979. I came to Reno from Australia where I was teaching composition at the Conservatory in Brisbane, having many experiences while living there. I met Gene Savoy, Sr. in Hawaii and at his behest moved to Reno. I have a PhD in music and am a composer and conductor. Head Practitioner: Sonatherapy®.

Michael McIntyre headshot

Michael Mcintyre

Born on the Island of Oahu. Had several Teachers, including a Buddhist monk and a Vedic seer, before coming to Reno where the lectures and writings of Gene Savoy catalyzed these prior understandings in short time resulting in a cascade of unforgettable mystical episodes and waking state visions. Interests : guitar, weightlifting, writing, Boccie ball, and stand up comedy. Undergraduate education: Cognitive neuroscience. Also an Academy staff member handling new inquiries.

Yukinori Matsushita

I graduated from Tokyo Denki University, moved to England and received M. Sc. degree at Loughborough University of Technology. I have been a member of the International Community of Christ since 1976 and sailed with Rev. Gene Savoy Sr. on Feather Serpent III in 1998. I learned Cymatics and Bio-Energetics Medicine under Dr. Sir. Peter Guy Manners in 1991. C.E.O of E-Ma Sound Co.,Ltd. and E-Ma Sona Association. I am also technical expert on Sound Therapy. Spiritual head of Cosolargy institute, Japan Bishop of International Community of Christ, Japan, since Feb. 2010.

Shawn Smith headshot

Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith was raised in a devout Roman Catholic home in St. Louis, Missouri, where the reality of dimensions beyond the physical was impressed upon him by a series of “experiences,” which his priests could not satisfactorily explain. The notion of God intrigued his young mind and set him on a trajectory to somehow find the answers to the questions that bewildered him.

After a family displacement to Africa, he explored the mainstream schools of thought within the multifarious branches of Christianity, and later pursued theological studies to the furthest extent and became an ordained member of the clergy. In the course of two decades of ministry, he realized that spiritual regeneration and transformation of enlightenment of which Christ Jesus and the Holy Apostles spoke, could not be obtained by the mere mental assent of a particular exegesis of Scriptures. His academic experience in pre-Nicene Patristics also informed him that there was “something” ancient and mystical among the originals of the Church founded by Christ Jesus that was remarkably absent in the current expressions of Christian sects.

Prayerful and considerate searches providentially guided him to the Cosolargy website, whereupon reading of their commitment to uphold the Spiritual Rights of the Races of Men, submitted his request to become a Consociate. He lives in Cameroon, where he is making progress in his second year of studies in The System.

Gary and Olimpia Huss

Olimpia and Gary Huss

Gary was born in Reno, Nevada and has been a member of the Community since his birth. Olimpia was born in Victoria, Romania. They have one son, Noah. Olimpia moved to the U.S. with her brothers and sisters after the fall of the authoritarian government there. She was introduced to Cosolargy through her husband. Her personal involvement with The System began when her experience with a life-threatening illness led her to re-evaluate her life and let her know clearly what she had to do.

Radheka Patel Savoy

As a Hindu raised in an Indian family, I have always felt drawn to the ancient teachings of light and mysticism. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and came to the United States with my family in the early 1990’s. As I finished college and became immersed in the world, my curiosity for spiritual growth developed. I was soon to discover my destiny which led me on the path to the Cosolargy teachings. As a student of Cosolargy, these teachings seemed familiar to me because of my Indian heritage, and I felt more connected to my origins. The religious traditions I grew up with made more sense to me with an understanding of Cosolargy. Furthermore, I began to study Ayurveda — the ancient Indian knowledge of life and longevity — and there are definite interrelated concepts between these teachings.

Robert Petrovich headshot

Robert Petrovich

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now a resident member of the Reno Community, I am a spiritual educator, counselor and canon of the International Community of Christ, and a senior member of Cosolargy International. I have held a position on the faculty of The Academy for Advancement in the Religious Arts, Sciences and Technologies of Cosolargy for over twenty years.

Ted Staver

Born and raised in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, I began studying the Teachings in 1976. After several months I began having experiences that compelled me to move to Reno. Currently, I am assigned to the Sanctuary where, among other duties, I maintain the property.

elizabeth reece headshot

Elizabeth Reece

I moved to Reno in 1977 from South Carolina as a student of Gene Savoy, Sr., inspired by experiences received while practicing the Cosolargy techniques. My Community work has been in Outreach, Administration, and Finance. Religious background: Christian. Main interests are Cosolargy, world religions, teaching and writing. Pastime activities are music and art.

sonya savoy headshot

Sonya Savoy

I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and I am the granddaughter of Gene Savoy. He was the founder of the International Community of Christ and I have been a member of this Community ever since I was born. I feel very fortunate to have grown up in such a loving and special community. I think of my grandfather often and of all the amazing success he had in his life. I thank him every day for bringing the true Teachings of Light back to life again and for inviting people from all backgrounds to have access to these Teachings.

Stephan Fuelling headshot

Dr. Stephan Fuelling

Dr. Stephan Fuelling was born in Solingen, Germany in the year 1955. He studied high energy particle physics at the University RWTH Aachen, Germany. Dr. Fuelling came to the Physics Department at the University of Nevada, Reno in 1985 to obtain his Ph.D. in atomic collision physics and atomic spectroscopy (1991). Later, Dr. Fuelling worked at the Nevada Terawatt Facility and performed experiments for plasma and fusion research. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the Physics Department at UNR and is working as a consultant. In 1999 Dr. Fuelling joined the International Community of Christ and received Second Degree Ordination. He has also given lectures during ICC’s annual convocation.

Greg Klinedinst headshot

Greg Klinedinst

Originally from the state of Pennsylvania, USA. Moved to Reno, NV in 1998 to form a stronger connection to ICC. Was baptized into the Catholic Church, but I never had a good bond with that church. In 1975 I read an article about Cosolargy and the Child. I kept reading it repeatedly. In 1976 I joined the Community, one of the best decisions of my life.

humberto garcia headshot

Humberto Garcia

I was born in Tijuana and studied Physics and Environmental Sciences. I was a Yoga and Astrology professor for several years and the leader of a Sufi group based on Ciudad Juárez. I began gazing at the sun following the HRM system, but later found Cosolargy. Since then, I fell in love with The System. I live in a small community near of Casas Grandes, México.

Paul Young headshot

Paul Young

I am a freelance writer and editor of the monthly online magazine Australian Esoteric, and often contribute articles to other magazines such as New Dawn. I am a certified practitioner of Reiki, NLP and LOA and a student of mysticism, having been a Rosicrucian since 1994. I began studying with Cosolargy three years ago after experiencing an inner attraction to the Sun, and since then positive changes have unfolded in my life. I live at the Gold Coast, Australia from where I write weekly bulletins on

Crystal Rae White headshot

Crystal Rae White

I am from Peoria, Illinois (USA) and currently reside in this city with my husband. I am a Respiratory Therapist. I had previously started solar gazing before coming across Cosolargy. One day, as I was solar gazing, I witnessed a vision before me of a child’s face within the sun, and also the same child’s face circling the sun clockwise, and counterclockwise at the same time. The energy of this vision ultimately led me to seek out Cosolargy.

Noriko Roy headshot

Noriko Roy

I originally enrolled in the Cosolargy Institute of Japan in February 2010. I met my husband to be, Robert Roy, in May 2011 during a Japan Seminar Bus Tour. I moved to Reno, NV in May 2012 and married Robert. We have a 6-year-old son. After much effort, we completed building our parsonage on our community sanctuary land in Nov. 2018, and started our new life in our lovely sanctuary! This year, 2019, I started my second year of Jamilian University studies, a most beautiful study program on my journey towards Spiritual Enlightenment.

Francine Petrovich headshot

Francine Petrovich

I act as special events coordinator for the Community. Born in Quebec, Canada, I moved to Reno in 1996 to study in The Cosolargy Institute. “The connection with the infinite creative force of the universe brings nourishment to the soul, a magical dialogue with Divine energy in constant evolution.”

Amanda Buchanan headshot

Amanda Buchanan

I have been with Cosolargy for 41 years and find my life with Cosolargy to be very fulfilling. I was born in Boulder, Colorado and moved to Reno in 1979 to study directly with Gene Savoy Sr. after having many experiences in the sun. I am on staff with the Academy, handling inquiries and as a preceptor.

Barbara Whitney headshot

Barbara Whitney

I began my Cosolargy studies in 1975. I moved from Colorado to Reno in December 1977 because I wanted to serve God, and I believe that I was guided to live closer to the center. My work in the Community has consisted of teaching in the Parochial School, raising money for various Community projects, and scheduling and assisting with our weekly services. I live at our Sanctuary and practice my techniques and reflections there daily.

Michele Grief

From a very young age I knew that I needed to find something and do something in/for this world. I searched for it my whole life, even minoring in philosophy, in an attempt to find it. After so much searching, I finally awakened from this world on January 26th, 2004. It was a wonderful journey learning and experiencing “everything”— only to find that there were no others that understood what I did. While on my last hope of finding anyone, I finally found the Community of Christ in 2013. They understood, they knew the secrets that I did and that could not be spoken of in human terms. I had finally found my fellow journeyers. I have been with them for over five years and have learned how to fine-tune the methods of communicating with the other world. I am very grateful.