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A New Solar Age is upon us. With the Advent of the Sun of Righteousness, we must learn to process spiritual forces inherent within heightened cosmic/solar energy. This involves the application of certain techniques, known to spiritual adepts down through the ages, not only for our own spiritual development but for the evolution of the human species as a whole under a new state of the Universe.

Our Community offers a distinctive and unique approach to spiritual teaching by which all people everywhere can participate in the manifesting Sun of Righteousness by developing personalized Christ Consciousness through spiritual regeneration and renewal by means of a Sacred Process called Cosolargy.

“It is only by love of one’s neighbor and companion in the Community and by exemplifying the Christ Light that the higher experiences of the spirit and of spiritual consciousness replace the lower, animal functions of the self-perceptions of the mind and body.”

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Terry H.

I enjoy the association of like-minded and personable individuals that attend. It is both refreshing and rejuvenating. I personally believe Gene Jr. has done a wonderful job in picking up the reins. I can honestly say I have never been to a church where so many members truly believe and share so many of the same common beliefs as in our walk on the Path of The Way, and methods to employ in getting there.

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