“At no point did the All-Soul come into Being: it never arrived, for it never knew place; what happens is that body, neighboring with it, participates in it: hence Plato dose not place Soul in body but body in Soul. The others, the secondary Souls, have a point of departure—they come from All-Soul—and they have a place into which to descend and in which to change to and fro, a place, therefore, from which to ascend. …
“The partial soul is illuminated by moving towards the Soul above it; for on that path it meets Authentic Existence. Movement towards the lower is towards non-being.” ~Plotinus


Plotinus is correct in saying that the All-Soul never came into being. When a person or animal is born, he enters a location, a place. This happens at a specific time. But the All-Soul is everywhere and always was everywhere. Time and space have no meaning to it whatsoever. Time and space imply limitations and the All-Soul has no limitations.

Secondary Souls

What Plotinus calls Secondary Souls are the Divine Souls that are in humans. They are, in a sense, secondary, for they were created by God, or the All-Soul. Yet in many ways they shouldn’t be thought of as secondary.

Plotinus says they came from the All-Soul. To put it more accurately, they are a piece of the All-Soul. This is an idea difficult to grasp for those of us raised on the concepts and limitations of matter and the worlds of matter. While the individual souls of humans come from that All-Soul, the All-Soul is not diminished in the least by creating them.

On the other side, while those “secondary souls” are but a tiny piece of the All-Soul, they are more lie a miniature version of the complete All-Soul. It is as if the All-Soul is like a powerful hologram. You can break a hologram into many pieces, and yet each piece still contains the complete image. Likewise, each of those secondary souls has the complete “image” or knowledge of the All-Soul—but with a catch.

Moving on Up

The catch is that we are born into the physical world with our spirits and souls in a dormant state that is much like being in a coma. When Jesus and other prophets and mystics tell us that we must be born again, they mean that we must awaken, or give birth to, those dormant faculties. We must feed them with the light of the spiritual sun which is the only thing that can awaken them. Once awakened, they start to remember that they are a part of the All-Soul. There desire, then, is to return to their origin and join the All-Soul again. But when your in a virtual hole 80 meters deep, you can’t just jump out. You have to climb out gradually.

In the case of the secondary souls, the “climb out” by moving up toward the All-Soul one step at a time. We can’t just stand still and expect to somehow arrive somewhere else. We must make an effort to move up one level at a time. And after we move up a level or two, we should continue on the journey, not stop and rest too long. Too many people move up from the spiritual level to the psychic, and stop thinking they have gone as far as necessary, or at least as far as possible. But the true spiritual realms are even higher than the psychic realm so we should continue on our journey after reaching that level.

Plotinus also cautions that we need to be sure we are moving up, not down into oblivion. So how do we know which way we are traveling? There are two indicators. Plotinus tells us of we follow our wills, by which he really means our egos, we will almost certainly be going in the wrong direction. At best, the ego will simply have us running around in circles without moving up or down. We have to awaken the Soul which can then take control of ego and guide it in the proper direction.

Another indicator is frequency. The realms of spirit exist at much higher frequencies than the realms of matter. So practicing methods of lowering your brain frequencies and your aura frequencies will move you down into lower levels. It may relax you and make you calm, but it isn’t moving you toward the All-Soul. To move toward the All-Soul you must increase your frequencies using spiritual Light.