The End Times

Before we can determine if we are in the End Times, we have to know what the term means. Different faiths, and different churches have slightly different ideas of what they are. Wikipedia says it is a future prediction “which teaches that world events will reach a climax.” That is very generalized, but we can go with that for now. Some believe that this “climax” will be a great destruction in which most of humanity will be destroyed. Others talk of it being a transformation in which most of the material world will transform into a new form. Neither of those beliefs conflict with the general definition from Wikipedia, so we can proceed with that definition for now. Of course, we are concerned with the definition of “End Times” as the term is used in the teachings of Cosolargy. This will be covered in detail as we proceed.

Signs of the End Times

From the time of the flood that ruined the old world to the present age of the consummation by the Fire of the Sun, the signs of the end times have been upon the world.” ~The Prophecies of Jamil: The Book of God’s Revelation.

There are numerous predictions of signs and omens that will tell us that we are either in, or approaching, the End Times. Some are reliable sources, some are questionable, and some are deliberate attempts by Dark forces to mislead us. The Book of Revelation in the Bible is probably the best known of them. It certainly has great imagery with its allegorical tale of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Other Biblical prophecies cover the End Times. But nearly all such prophecies are allegorical and should not be taken literally. On this, most biblical scholars will agree. They differ somewhat on the interpretation of what each horseman represents. We need not get overly involved with the specifics of each. It is enough to say that the Book of Revelation predicts great trials and tribulations in the End Times.

The Book of Ezekiel is another source of End Times prophecy found in the Bible. According to the book, Ezekiel: The End-time Prophet, the Book of Ezekiel is clearly an end-time message. It reveals specific prophetic events that are happening right now in the United States, Britain, and many other English-speaking nations.

Wars, disease, famine, floods, pestilences, and global pandemics are just a few of the tribulations expected. The current coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) certainly qualifies as one such event. But those things happen all the time, and many have thought that the End Times had arrived based on such events that happened hundreds of years ago. Obviously, they were wrong. What we need to look for is a period of time—it could be a century, or more—when there are many great wars, an unusual number of floods and famines, and devastating plagues and illnesses. Not all signs are negative, though. Some believe that the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem, Israel will indicate the start of the End Times.

Now, we are familiar with the prophecies of Malachi regarding the coming in the End Times of the Sun of Righteousness by which God uses a natural power or force and enters into the affairs of Man by means of this governing agency of the sun, which rules and regulates our earth and all life upon it.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

While not often included in these End Times predictions, we in Cosolargy believe that the Book of Malachi in the Old Testament of the Bible is another End Times prophecy that is worth taking a closer look at. It speaks primarily of the Sun of Righteousness coming in the End Times to burn up the wicked and evil in the world, while at the same time giving strength and energy to the righteous so they can do God’s Work.

Best of Times, Worst of Times

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” ~Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities

Dickens was not writing about the End Times, yet this most famous quote definitely applies. The End Times will be a period when many will become the most materialistic in history. Many will be so caught up in the allure of matter that they will believe God is a being of matter. That will make it the worst of times. Yet, at the same time, a small percentage of humanity will awaken to true religion and spirituality. They will awaken to the knowledge that matter isn’t important and is, in fact, error. They will start working with God and the Angels to transform the universe of matter back into spirit, where there is no death, no disease, no hatred, and no fear. That is the best of times.

The coming of the antichrist is another sign of the End Times. Every time a dictator or despotic ruler takes power, people start saying he is the antichrist, but none of these have proven accurate. In any case, it is not one sign, but many happening in a short period of time that matters.

It was prophesied that in the end times of the world there would be mockers of the True God—those separated from His Spirit; those who know only the Dark spirit generated by Satan’s Angels; friends of heretical governments, warmongers, enemies of God; apostates who believe the world to be subject to benevolent powers; those who embrace the destructive Forces of Darkness that breed chaos and death” ~ The Prophecies of Jamil: The Book of God’s Revelation.

Are We Living in the End Times?

So now that we have an idea of what the End Times are, let’s get into answering the question “Are we now in the End Times?” Many scholars and theologians will answer that we are not, but a few will say we are. As far as Cosolargy is concerned, we definitely are in the End Times, as was stated in many places in the dialogs and books of Gene Savoy, Sr. Here are a few examples.

The deciphering of the coded writings of the New Testament and other Christian scripture has been undertaken by new authority under Christ in this Church. And what we are spreading is the news given to all Christians and Jews and members of all other religions, that which they have all been waiting for: that the End Times are upon the earth; that the Seals of the Book of Life, which have remained hidden since the Gospel that formed the New Testament writings was given to the world through Jesus and the Disciples, have been opened. God through Christ, the Christ of the First Advent, that Ministry of Jesus, promised a new world for humanity.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

Now we are living in what is known as the End Times, the last times of the earth. God is to reveal all that has been hidden since the beginning; that is, the secret knowledge of the cosmos and of man’s true being and divine nature. In addition, man is to understand the nature of Angels, the nature of God, and the nature of the supernatural Spiritual Worlds.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

Now, the world is in the Final Age, the End Times. Humanity can be restored, healed, and made immortal by means of this manifestation, which elevates our Church from the old and former belief system to a living Process of transformation.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

The end is upon us. We are in the End Times. We are being judged by God. We are either going to go forward with Him or the world is going to be burned up by the light of the sun. It is very simple.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

Let us delve more deeply into some of the specifics of why we say we are in the End Times.

The Second Coming

Now, there’s also reference to a new sanctuary to come in the End Times. A child will come to announce the coming of the Sun of Righteousness, which is the messianic power of God, and that a new sanctuary and various abodes will be built on earth, and they will be a refuge, a place of pilgrimage, where devotees could come seeking solace, spiritual healing, instruction, and treatment at the hands of healers, expert healers.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

A definite sign that we are in the End Times is the arrival of the second Redeemer. Most interpret this prophecy as meaning that Jesus will come to life again and bring about Armageddon. We have a different interpretation based on many ancient writings as well as the prophecies of Cosolargy. We believe that the Christ Spirit will return as Redeemer, but not in the body of Jesus again. Ancient prophecy says this redeemer will be a small child. We believe that Child came already, and the End Times have begun with his announcement of the manifestation of the Sun of Righteousness in our times.

And Sayokanta was the name of a golden instrument that was to be given to the world at the End Times and that God would descend His Holiness from Heaven, and He would bless the elements. It’s all in the Book of Enoch. It is in the ancient Brahmin teachings, going back to the oldest of times.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr.

Jamil has revealed to us that the End Times are upon us. Now we either accept Jamil as a Revealer or not.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

The Buddha taught that in the End Times of the world the Chakravartin would come down, and he, as a Divine Child, would set the Wheel of the Law, the Right Law, in motion, meaning the sun, and that sun would thereby impinge itself upon the world, and a teaching would come forth and the chakras, or if you prefer, the wheels, or the Force Centers, of the adept would be run and moved like the sun. Those two combined, those two powers, can produce incredible results in the world; to what degree we don’t know…” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures.

So we in Cosolargy believe this very important requirement for the End Times was met with the birth of the Holy Messenger, Jamil. (For more details on Jamil, you can buy the book about him on Amazon.) A second requirement was met with the birth of the Sun of Righteousness. This is the return of Christ that many have waited for, though not in the form most of them expected.

The Sun of Righteousness

The Sun of Righteousness predicted to manifest in the end times of the old era or epoch was predicted, as you know, by Malachi, among other prophets. And it said . . . it means: when the old sun dies and a new age is going to come upon the face of the earth, this sun, instead of being a destructive sun causing chaos and the destruction of countless millions of people, as has taken place, as geologists know, which has caused the death and the eradication of countless species … this sun would be made righteous.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

We in Cosolargy believe that Christ’s return within the Light of the Sun of Righteousness as prophesied by Malichi is now in existence and shining down upon us, growing stronger every day. But as the quote above says, the interpretation that this will be a destructive power is not accurate. This is a “Righteous” Sun because it carries and transmits the Spiritual Light that awakens spirits and transforms all beings. This is a gradual process, but it is happening. Scientists know that changes are taking place in the sun, and they don’t know why. That is why, after several decades of visiting planets and ignoring the sun, NASA is now making a great effort to study the sun.

Solar Orbiter Images taken in July, 2020. Currently, the closest pictures that were ever taken of the sun.

God was going to reveal Himself in the Sun, to manifest His Image, His Being, His Form, and His Knowledge within that Sun, and that was something that was going to occur in the End Times and was not available to mankind up to that time.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

A materialist will certainly not see the image of God in this animated image of the sun made with images taken by the Solar Orbiter. Neither will many Christians who expect to see the face of an old man or the face of Jesus Christ when they look for an “image of God.” But God is not a human and His Image is not a human face – it is bright, white, Light. And that Light is being sent to us in the End Times through the Spiritual Sun, God’s Agent.

God has manifested the Sun of Righteousness and given us this Covenant—to us, the people living today—and announced that we are now in the End Times, that we are in the Age of Judgment and that our Covenant in the Second Advent Age is also new, original, unique, and fresh.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

For more on the Sun of Righteousness, read this earlier post.

The New Golden Age

Now Jesus was thought to be and taught to be Messiah. And Jesus, following his crucifixion, had appeared to the Apostles and promised to come again to establish God’s Kingdom at the End Times. Therefore, there had to be a Second Coming and a New Advent of the Church for this fulfillment to take place.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures.

So if the End Times will not be a complete destruction of Earth and humanity, what will follow? Many in traditional Christian churches believe it will be the rapture where certain individuals are selected to be saved and brought up to Heaven while others are left behind. We have a different take on it. The prophecies given to us in Cosolargy say that it will be a New Golden Age in which we will live in peace and harmony, free of disease, death, fear, poverty, and other negative aspects of the material world. Governments by the greedy and the power-hungry will end and be replaced by governments that truly serve the people and the Laws of God. It will be a new world order in which greed and materialism will end. The End Times happening now might be considered the birth pangs of this New Golden Age.

Now from what we have learned it is easy to see that in the Final Age of the world, that is, the End Times, God is to cause His Image, or Face, if you prefer, to manifest in the heavens. You might recall from the Old Testament [that] it is said that no man has seen the Face of God. And we in this Teaching in the End Times are privileged to be able to see the Image of God returned to the world and to hear His Word manifest within His Image. And we know that His Image is to be, and is, the Spiritual Sun and [that] within the Light of that Sun is His Word.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures

In this New Golden Age, we will communicate with God just as it is said Adam and Eve did before the Great Fall from Grace. We will not guess what God wants, or rely on someone else to tell us; we will communicate with Him directly. This is largely just a matter of changing the frequencies we operate at, so that we can communicate with the highest levels of Consciousness. (You can read more about levels of consciousness here.) Eventually, the world will become pure Spirit again, and time (among other things) will cease to exist. The end of time is why this is called the End Times, not because everything will cease to exist.

A Golden Age of Light will come upon the world, and a new people will emerge. And they will go forth in great numbers to convert the whole world for God and the establishment of a New World under His Rule alone.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. in theology lectures