Matrix Energetics and The Physics of Miracles
by Richard Bartlett, DC ND

Reviewed by Vickie Hewlett


Dr. Richard Bartlett is a chiropractic and naturopathic doctor who formulated a system of healing based on his personal experiences with clients. This system is known as Matrix Energetics.

In his book he writes that we have generally been taught that our bodies are made of solid matter, but we are actually made of high-energy photons and information fields of possibility held in patterns of wave interference, quantum particles or fields of consciousness and spirit— a realm where the laws that we have been taught govern this world do not exist. Instead, we have orbits of probability potentials of transformation and becoming. Because of this, he advises: “Let go and let God” and “the less you do, the more you have.” He also states that all diseases can be cured but that not everyone wants to be cured on an unconscious level.

His Two-Point process for healing is a measuring tool that helps you access, or plug into, what he calls grids of manifestation. As a healer, he says, you look into the patient’s eyes and notice what you notice. You do not need to understand the whole complexity of the problem. This is the observer effect at the quantum level, often called quantum entanglement. “The act of focusing at this level, where everything is made of light energy, causes what you observe to behave differently,” he states. When you are observing, he goes on, you collapse the particle-based arrangement of your world into its intricate patterns or wave fronts of light. You can feel and sense this happening. “Through this process, not only do the things that you focus on change, but you change and transform as well.” By “doing nothing” and not trying to “fix” anything during this process, you are entering into a transformation. “Things no longer happen to you. Instead, you begin to take responsibility for your creative use of universal energy.”

Here are two of Bartlett’s techniques that he shares in the book:


Touch one point on anything (with either hand). It could be a guitar or a car or a shoulder or a knee. Notice how it feels; it may feel stuck, hard, or rigid. It does not have to be painful. (Note: This may be done on animals, as well, or actually on anything). That is what you are going to choose to notice. Now you have your first point. All you are doing is noticing something. Now, take your other hand and just place it on your leg or any other object of your choosing; any other point in a different area will do—it does not matter where—or until you find something that feels like it makes that first area harder, more stuck, more rigid, or like it is being pulled together like with a magnet. That is what you are looking for. That is where you have actually performed the measurement aspect of what Matrix Energetics teaches with the Two-Point. Now slide the other hand along the leg or object you have chosen until you almost feel a stick where you have a point that suddenly seems to draw those points together. That is an artificial or arbitrary set-up measurement, but it allows you to play the virtual game. Now, having connected those two points and realizing at the level of quantum physics that the act of measuring causes a change in your measurement, you “let go” as if you were dropping a pebble into the pond. Do not let go of the object. You must imagine that you are letting go of the physical. You then feel this expansive wave between those points. Do not try to visualize an outcome. This will keep you from collapsing the wave into a new pattern and will keep you on a physical level. This technique takes practice. You are not trying to fix a problem. You are viewing inside of yourself a holographic pattern of photons. Now let go of all of your concerns and affairs. Imagine yourself spiraling up into the air without a care in the world. Then you will note a change. The area between the two points will probably feel softer and less rigid. Be prepared for any kind of release from the patient (or yourself), e.g., crying, laughing, etc.

Matrix-Energetic Healing Time-Travel Technique:

Physics of Miracles1. Do the Two-Point Technique
2. Using the age of your patient, begin counting backwards in five-year increments while holding the two-point position.
3. Set your intent so that the quantum change will activate when you “arrive” at the event,
age, or time frame that you wish to interact with. You do not have to actually know the correct age of the event, because as you approach the approximate time reference, you will begin to feel that the two points that you are holding start to soften and change beneath your hands.
4. Be prepared for any kind of release.
5. Reassess your two-point procedure when things have been processed by the patient and repeat the process to resolve the pattern more completely. (Note: Moving forward in time is called entropy. Moving backward is called negentropy.) Example: A lady named Frannie lost the tip of her finger when she was two and a half years old. She is now seventy-three years old. Taking her back to the time before the finger was cut off healed her frozen shoulder.

Matrix Energetics Distance Healing may be done with two-point on an acupuncture mannequin
or even on a stuffed animal. (More information on Bartlett and his system can be found at or on YouTube.)