“You see the unlimited, effortless, and fluid nature of imagination in action in your dreams, yet you rarely realize the same principles are responsible for materializing the ‘movie’ of your daily life. You shift from scene to scene all day, the same way you move from scene to scene in your dreams. … Things happen in sequences you didn’t plan. It’s an exciting idea to consider—that your imagining your reality, helping materialize the conditions of life by which you think, feel, and notice.
“When we are children, imagination is second nature. But as school trained us to use our left brain, and as life taught us to be ‘adults,’ we progressively lost our imaginal skills. … So programmed are we to accept what is fed to us by outside sources, like the media.” ~Penney Peirce

Imagination Nation

Or more accurately, Imagination World. It is an important philosophical question to ponder: “Is imagination creating the world around us?” Perhaps the answer is not a simple yes or no, but something in between.

The world around us exists on several levels, but even if we limit ourselves to looking at the material, we find at least two sub-levels to it. The most obvious sub-level is the reality of the physical world. The other is what it appears to be to us as a result of our imagination and other mental conditions including beliefs. Three people can look at the same scene and all see it differently because of their beliefs and their imagination. Yet they will all see something similar, so there is something else at play. That something else is Collective Imagination.

Collective Imagination

We have all heard of the collective subconscious or collective unconscious but what about imagination? It stands to reason that if there is individual imagination, there is also collective imagination. This collective imagination operates on many different levels. There might be a family imagination that you share with your parents and siblings. A school imagination where the collective imagination of the students and teachers are controlling much of what you see and hear. A religious imagination generated by all those who belong to the same faith. And so on all the way up to the collective imagination of the entire human race. It is why I personally can’t imagine electing Trump as president, but enough others can that  they made it happen: in the fluid world of imagination.

Imagination Shift

We are told by Ms. Peirce and many others that if we don’t like the life we are living, we simply have to imagine what we do want and it will happen. That is an overly simplified view of it, therefore it rarely works.

Yes, we can improve our world by imagining a better one, but it isn’t something that happens overnight, and it isn’t easy. The reason for the difficulty is collective imagination. You may try very hard to imagine the world one way, but if most people are imagining a very different world, your imagination will have little effect. There are two things you can do about this problem.

While you can’t significantly change the world with your own imagination, you can do so by getting others to see your vision, or something very similar to yours. When you get enough people to have their visions in sync, their collective imagination can accomplish much more than your individual imagination. In fact, I believe that at least one reason why people like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were successful in bringing about change was because they got many others to share their vision and make it a part of their collective imagination.

The other thing we can do is amplify our imagination much like a microphone amplifies the voice. Spiritual adepts do this by sending their positive thoughts of love, peace, and so on toward the physical sun and the spiritual sun. The sun amplifies those thoughts and reflects them back to earth.

Reality Check

The thing we really have to get out of this, however, is that a world so easily controlled by imagination is not truly “real.” The entire physical universe was created in the imagination of the fallen angels and that is why imagination is such a powerful tool here. Beyond it, however, is the spiritual universe that is not so easily manipulated. It is that world which comes for the Mind of God, and is therefore permanent and unchanging. And the most important goal for us to imagine is the awakening of our spiritual faculties and a return to that universe.