In October and December of 2009, the leaders of two spiritual movements met in Reno, Nevada, to discuss ways their two movements and organizations might collaborate. Satya-chetana International and Divine Mission were founded by Swami Sri Atmananda (pictured, left) to facilitate the transformation of those who desire to manifest a new spiritual consciousness but are not mentally aware of why they have descended to earth in this crucially cosmic era.

Likewise, Cosolargy International and the International Community of Christ (ICC), headed by the Right Reverend Gene Savoy Jr. (pictured, right), eldest son of the founder of both entities, offers to humanity the ancient system of spiritual regeneration by means of cosmic solar energy. With the advent of a heightened spiritual consciousness made available through the light of the visible sun, ICC/Cosolargy teaches the mystic methods of transcendence via solar eye techniques by which the individual can be transformed into an awakened soul.

The two leaders met and pledged themselves to work together to bring knowledge of the New Condition manifesting in the world to people everywhere. They are currently working on an action plan for a collaborative effort to bring the methods and techniques to the Hindu world through a combination of Cosolargy and the Satya-chetana Movement.

Satya-chetana International is based in Tiruvannamalai, India, with missions in Napa and Sacramento, California. ICC/Cosolargy is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and maintains a branch community in Kurume, Japan.

A description of the collaborative task has been drafted by David Mitchell (aka Devashish), president of Divine Mission:

Divine Collaboration

Since truth is One and collaboration is bilateral, divine collaboration implies a grounding in Awareness while working in the experiential plane to manifest the Awareness. Such is the newly manifested collaboration between the Satya-chetana Movement (SCM) and the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent (henceforth referred to as Second Advent). As the growth of the divine presence within gradually dissolves the illusion of separateness between individuals, organizations populated by such individuals have less need to cling to their separate identities. A unique opportunity has come for two spiritual organizations to develop new forms of collaboration to manifest the New Dawn.

The nature of the collaboration has begun to evolve, and Swamiji has “committed his full involvement” to work with the Second Advent in manifesting their aspirations, which are also shared by SCM. For example, the Second Advent realization entails the following insights and approaches:

  1. We are living in an age of transition from Darkness to Light and are here to collaborate with the Light that is descending to Earth for the transformation of the mass consciousness.
  2. The second coming of Christ does not refer to a form but refers to a Force, the Christ Consciousness (i.e. Incarnation Force) that is now radiating the planet for mass awakening to occur.
  3. To link with this new Force, techniques have been developed that will allow this Force to enter and divinize one’s system.
  4. These techniques allow the power of the spiritual Sun behind the physical sun (i.e. the Agni force; see verse 163 of Gita) to be transmitted to the seeker.
  5. The goal of this divinization process is to produce the highest expression of Spirit on Earth; thousands of channels of the Incarnation Force as Christ and Buddha exemplified. Their presence will transform the collective consciousness and avoid the possibility of mass destruction, and establish mankind in a new era of spiritual consciousness.

Clearly these are also principles shared by SCM. Since the whole planet is covered in spiritual darkness, the work is too great for a single Incarnation channel and many are needed to transform the darkness to Light.