“You are perfectly justified in denying adverse influence. You have a perfect right to drive back threatening or depressing thought-clouds. You have a perfect right to take your stand upon the rock of Truth—your Real Self—and demand your freedom. These negative thoughts of the world in general, and of some people in particular, belong to the dark side of life, and you have a right to demand freedom from them. You do not belong to the same side of life, and it is your privilege—yes, your duty—to repel them and bid them disappear from your horizon. You are a Child of Light, and it is your right and duty to assert your freedom from the things of darkness.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Deny Darkness

If you want to be a Child of Light, you must reject darkness and all the things that come from darkness. I see people sharing quotes on social media that say we should embrace our dark side. That is a foolish attitude. We must accept that there is darkness. We must accept that we have a dark side within us. But we do not have to embrace it. If we want to be a force of good in the world, we cannot embrace it.

We have been told many times and in many ways that Satan and the forces of darkness will try to trick us. They have made people believe they are angels serving God. They have made people rob, kill, and destroy claiming God wants them too. Luke Skywalker knew better than to listen to the evil emperor and kill his father. Harry Potter knew better than to let his anger control him and kill Belatrix when Valdemort was urging him to. These movie characters are based on mythical heroes who know that you never listen to the darkness if you want to be a Child of Light.

Darkness from the Light

In order to deny darkness, you must learn to recognize it. This isn’t easy in our materialistic world that has embraced so much of darkness. We have become so confused on this matter that we have some churches and church leaders not only accepting, but supporting one of the darkest presidents we have ever had in the United States. Here are some clues to recognizing when you are hearing from a dark person or being:

  • You are encouraged to hate others because of their religion, nationality, language, skin color, sexual orientation, etc.
  • He tells you that it is impossible to accomplish anything without harming others so don’t worry about it.
  • Harming the environment is unavoidable and what God wants
  • If it makes a profit, it’s good, otherwise, it’s bad
  • Fear is good for you so listen to your fears and act accordingly
  • War is good because it helps us get rid of those with different beliefs
  • There is no God, no Devil or demons, no good or bad, just power.

If you hear things in that vein from the person or being, it is darkness talking to you. Don’t listen!

On the other side, a being of Light is understanding and tolerant of all people, even the dark ones. She understands that fear and ignorance can cause people to listen to darkness that makes them feel better, safer, but harms their spirit and soul.

Deny the Darkness

As Atkinson correctly states, it is our right and our duty to reject darkness. This doesn’t mean rejecting people, or any nationality or race. It means rejecting the thing. You do need to avoid people of darkness, but not reject them. It is part of God’s Plan that all will return to the fold in the end (after paying the appropriate karmic debts), and if we are to be Children of Light we must do the same. Help our brothers and sisters awaken, rather than rejecting them or warring with them for living in darkness and ignorance.

Remember the tradition of the Yin-Yang symbol. There is a little good in all of us, and a little darkness in all of us. If we have awakened our good side, or spiritual self, we need to help others do the same. Sometimes, we must help them from a distance by sending positive thoughts their way. We reject the darkness within the person or controlling the person, not the person.