Saturday , March 16th, marked the 60th anniversary of the physical birth of The Child, Jamil, on March 16, 1959. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of The Community – our Diamond Jubilee! While we do not celebrate the birth, per se, we do acknowledge it as a special day of remembrance.

We will be announcing special celebrations and observances throughout the year in celebration of The Community’s Diamond Jubilee, especially at this year’s annual Convocation in September. 

Jamil’s Story

Jamil’s purpose in coming into the world was to proclaim the Advent of God manifest in the Heavens through the miraculous Light of the Sun of Righteousness. He withdrew from the Earth back to the Light of God, which was the source of his Being. Jamil has counseled us from that Light and serves as our Guardian, our Protector, and our Patron. He, indeed, ministers from the Abodes of Light with the Beings and the Angels of Light.

Be firm in the knowledge that God does exist and is real. Beings such as Jesus, Jamil, The Buddha, to name a few, come out of the Light of God to visit the Earth from age to age in order to transmit knowledge of God. Some believe that God is separated from the world and is unapproachable by its peoples. Others propound that priests are the intercessors, God being gained only through them, or through the doctrines they claim to represent. There are those who claim that God sends Messiahs to atone for the sins of man. Still, others elevate these Messiahs to the Godhead, claiming them to be God and, therefore, that they should be worshiped.

Jamil Declared

Jamil declared that God alone should be the object of adoration. God alone is Redeemer, Savior, Restorer, and Creator. God has revealed His Divine Presence to the world as the Image of Himself, a Great Light that is the True Intercessor, the sole means of approaching Him. Within that Great Light is found God’s Intelligible Thought, which communicates with the Sentient Soul. This gives it a sense of Consciousness and empowering it with perception, remembrance, comprehension, and judgement of Divine Creation, as contrasted with mental reasoning and the sensory perception of the physical organism by which the material world is experienced.

Jamil, God’s Divine Messenger, declared the Advent of His Appearance and, as Christ, founded the Second Advent Church. Jamil’s mission as the Eternal Child of Light destined to appear in the End Times of the earth in accordance with the Will of God paralleled Jesus’ ministry in that Jesus as Christ, inspired by The Image and The Word of God, assumed human form in order to reveal The Way of Righteousness.

Path to God

The Way to God within The Image and The Word manifest in this Second Advent of His Appearance is of supreme consequence to the human family. God’s messengers make divine proclamations. They announce God as the Light of the world. He intercedes in the world, indeed the entire Universe, by His visible Immaculacy and Incarnation, first in The Image and The Word, then in the Sun. They declare God’s imminent return and direct rule over Creation by progressive restoration. The first to be anointed by God are those messengers. They are forerunners who signal God’s intention to anoint every human being who accepts His gift of Salvation and Redemption from the world of matter. These are the sons and daughters of Man. They are the sons and daughters of God, obedient to their Father in Heaven, consubstantial in The Image and The Word by which they are made Eternal.

Sun of Righteousness

With God’s Appearance in the Spiritual Sun, the human species has access to Creative Powers. These Powers, when put to use by the Spirit, allow humans to transcend the material Universe, which is undergoing change, and to penetrate the Spiritual Universe. As the material Sun that supports all biological life feeds the brain and nervous system, so the Spiritual Sun supports all spiritual Life and feeds the Spirit and its Conscious Life. Man is more than a biological species in contact with mutable life forces. He is the bearer of the human Spirit.  And that Spirit has potential to communicate with Divine Intelligence, which shapes and molds spiritual Consciousness.

If the human species on the individual and collective levels is to survive the changes occurring in the world and cosmos, it must transcend its own mortality by a slow process of genetic change that is possible through exposure to, and control over, physical energies emitted from the Sun. In this way, and while at the same time emerging as a new spiritual species under the influence of the Light from the Spiritual Sun, will the human species be able to break away from traditional social and religious customs that have shaped and enslaved it to environmental conditions now mutating. Only by these means will the human race and the world be restored.

Summary of Diamond Jubilee 

These are very profound words. They comprise, in part, the Teachings of Jamil. Not only are they to be understood by the rational mind; more importantly, they are to be put into practice in everyday life for them to have true meaning. And help us celebrate our Diamond Jubilee by practicing spiritual disciplines with us.