Divine Reason

I would like to focus a little on the existence of Divine Reason. It has been asked in scripture, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” We can see in our world today that people seek material gain above all else, rejecting the true gain which is immortality of Spirit and Soul. This is primarily true in the Western world where people generally reject the benefits of that state of spiritual immortality – gained while we live in the material world – which is a sharing of Divine Reason that fills the Universe as the sea fills the floor of the ocean.

In the Americas, especially North America, men and women from all over the world have come to the shores of this hemisphere over many centuries seeking a new and free life of plenty. Although this was not true for some who came, for the most part, they found more than their dreams foretold. We have an abundance of all things, and it is not fitting that we reject the greater abundance which God extends.

Light of His Righteousness

But the greater gain is at hand, for God has brought forth the Light of His Righteousness and has filled America with a greater good still. And that greater good is the birth of the Religion of Light come into existence by the Hand of God. And would men and women of intelligence and plenty reject such a gift? All reasoning individuals know that material things are of little good without freedom, love and spiritual values. And if they do not know this, they are, above all people in the world, most miserable. For without embracing the spiritual, all that which is acquired shall be taken away as it was given. To understand spiritual values, Man needs to comprehend Divine Reason. And in order to comprehend Divine Reason, man and woman must be divine.

God has filled the Sun and the ether, which from ancient times teachers have said was the heavens and the sky outside the realm of the earth’s atmosphere, with a Divine Intelligence which has its origins in the Consciousness of God. And this is the fruit of the Sun of Righteousness. And this Reason, streaming forth out of the Sun as a thought streaming forth out of the Consciousness of God, acts upon the consciousness of man and woman.

As a flower comes forth from the seed upon the impact of the Sun’s seasonal rays, Man’s reason blossoms upon the impact of God’s Consciousness. And the Divine Reason filling the ether is as a seed that impregnates the Spirit giving it individual life. For the Spirit of Man is as a sleeping Soul that must be awakened. Once awakened, the individual Spirit reasons. In ancient times, Holy Ones spoke of the Word of God which was Divine Reason manifesting within nature. And herein dwelt the truth.

Divine Logos

The ancient Greeks called the True Reason of nature Logos. And the Logos was the Light that created the First Man. And they compared this Light to the beam of God’s Eye which was in the image of the Sun. And within the beam was God’s Thought. And people had but to look at the Eye of God to see into the Soul of Creation. And Divine Religion instructed men and women how to look into the Soul of God through His Eye.

For the Light of God is a radiant beam that sees all things in Creation, meting out Divine Justice. And Divine Religion taught men and women how to be strong to withstand that Light and of

the nature of the Word called Logos. For all weak things wither and melt under the rays of God’s Light. And the nature of God was explained in this manner and Man did understand and experience God as a friend. And the Sun was the door to Heaven. And men and women did enter with awe and wonder. And the Holy Ones, having entered God’s realm through the Sun, became the mouthpiece of God speaking divine oracles. Their minds were filled with God’s Word.

Today’s World

Today’s world, under the influence of temporal science, technology, and social materialism, has lost sight of the value of spirituality. Please don’t misunderstand. These things unto themselves are not bad. However, materialists, technicians, and natural scientists have become leaders of a dark religion – a religion of unbridled materialism and commerce. They have assumed the role of priests whose words and theories are believed by the unsuspecting masses. They see the Sun merely as a ball of fire, or an atomic furnace, only sending out light and heat into the solar system. They cannot understand that it is a living thing – the center of Intelligence and Divine Reason!

To them, God has no existence and all things are to be explained by their concepts, which are limited to physical nature. Priests of the old churches and religions scoff at those who regard the Sun as an instrument of enlightenment. They speak of God as a supreme being beyond all material things. But they have not seen God nor communed with Him for they know not how to attain an understanding of God, having shut themselves up in dark buildings and temples away from the glory of God’s Image. Because of limited reasoning, scientists, materialists and even the so-called ministers of God have separated themselves from the true religion of God.

Religion of Light and Divine Reason

A Religion of Light is not of this low and limited order. Nor are the scientists of Divine Religion (who are we) content to study only the material things which perish. Instead, we look to the cause, to origins, and to permanence, seeking the divine and the spiritual. For we know that the ancients who knew of the Logos – the Divine Reason pervading all things – gave the world teachings that have laid the foundation for the world’s social orders, religions, and sciences. But the human race collectively has set itself up as an insolent child, disobeying the supernatural reason of nature that comes with the rays of the Sun.

Because America is a great nation of many peoples, representing all the races and religions of the world, God has ordained that the new Religion Light be born in America – not Jerusalem or Rome or some other place. He ordains that all people everywhere should know of the existence of the Word, which is God’s Divine Reason manifest in all of Creation. And this Divine Reason enlightens those who seek it. And the Divine Reason generated within the spirit of the peoples of America shall bring forth a New People. And the material shall be wedded to the spiritual for a great Nation of God. This state of being is the destiny of America. And from America, the Light shall be spread to all the world. And that is the mission of this Community.