The transcribed Readings of the “Sleeping Prophet,” the American psychic Edgar Cayce, speak about the life of Jesus, or Jeshua/Yeshua; his family/followers/disciples; the School of the Prophets on Mt. Carmel; the Essenes; and, in particular, the Nazorite or Ebionite group from which Jesus was descended.1 The library of the Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.) established by Cayce at Virginia Beach, Virginia, has all of Cayce’s Readings. Research in this library has revealed information on those subjects pertaining to ancient Israel and the true Teachings of Light taught by Jesus and his Essene brothers and sisters.

During the time of Jesus, the two main groups of Essenes in Israel were located at Qumran on the western shore of the Dead Sea and at Mount Carmel — with Nazorites (Nazorim, in Hebrew) camping or living at the base of the northern slope of the mount. It is generally believed by archaeologists that this area became the village or town of Nazareth during the second century A.D. In other words, there was no town of Nazareth during Jesus’ lifetime. Therefore, the scriptural references to Nazareth are considered a mistranslation, and Jesus was simply being identified as one of the Nazorim, or holy prophets, living at Mount Carmel in Galilee. His cousin John the Baptist was attached to the Qumran community in the south. Jesus later became a disciple of John.2

Cayce spoke a great deal about the Essenes, Jesus’ family (Mary, Zebedee, the House of Judah and Levi) and his upbringing in the Teachings of Light.3 Cayce also stated that Jesus and the Carmelite Essenes were carrying on the teachings of Melchizedek.4 Indeed, in the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 7, we are told that Jesus was “a priest of the order of Melchizedek, forever.”

In Reading 993-5 Cayce tells us that the true Christ Consciousness embodied by Jesus and taught by his fellow Essenes was the same as that spoken of by the last Old Testament prophet, Malachi, who prophesied the coming of the Sun of Righteousness with “healing in its wings/beams” at the End Times of the earth. The new Light of that Sun would burn up the wicked but nourish the righteous followers of God.

That passage from Malachi 4:1-3 reads:

 See, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble; the day that comes shall burn them up, says the Lord of Hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch. But for you who revere my name the Sun of Righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings. You shall go forth leaping like calves from the stall.”  

When I joined the International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent in the Spring of 1975, that decision to a great extent was based upon information and direction found in Cayce’s Readings. It has become clear that while many people know of Cayce and the Readings in general, few are aware that he actually predicted the new Solar Age, the Sun of Righteousness, and the Christ Consciousness now upon us. Also strongly implied in his Readings was that the new School of Light would be located here in Nevada.

I should also emphasize that The Community does not follow the “teachings” of Cayce, per se, and that the original founders of the Second Advent Church had little, if any, knowledge of Edgar Cayce and/or his Readings when The Church and Community came together in the late 1950s and early 1960s in Peru (relocating to Nevada in 1972).

The Second Coming, or Second Advent, was described by Cayce as being an internal, psychic, or spiritual event, within the individual seeker. While Jesus might, indeed, return in the End Times, that appearance would not, necessarily, be as a physical being — but rather as a Being of Light to guide us, along with other ancient ones manifesting from higher dimensions. On the other hand, in Reading 5749-4 Cayce seems to say that Jesus will be a returned being in the flesh. I would, personally, take this to mean that Christ, the universal cosmic agent, may, indeed, “appear in the flesh” — insofar as adepts may incarnate that divine Light Consciousness, Being, and Form while on the planet.

Cayce’s Readings reveal an understanding of Christianity that is gnostic in nature — “Christ” specifically being a state of adeptship. Jesus was following the mystical doctrines of the Holy Kabbalah — as had been handed down among the Essenes, the Therapeutae of Alexandria, and by other Master Rabban priests for millennia.

As mentioned above, Cayce also placed great emphasis on the last two chapters of the Book of Malachi, which speak of the End Times and the manifestation of the Sun of Righteousness. Along with his discussions of the gnostic Logos (containing the Image and Word of God), he also insisted that one must follow The Way of the early Christians — early Essenic followers of John and Jesus — if one expects to experience the higher dimensions of spirituality.5

The geological changes as predicted by Cayce for our age are fairly well known. He stated that these would “begin in those periods from ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen in the clouds.”6 “His light,” of course, is the Light of Christ — in the Second Advent Church, the Divine Light of God manifesting in the Sun of Righteousness, predicted by the Prophet Malachi.

This new Sun of Righteousness with God’s New Light began manifesting at noon, February 2, 1962, and was observed by Church members in Trujillo, Peru. The forty-year cycle, i.e., 1958–1998, is a cycle in the Sacred Calendar of the Second Advent Church.

Most of Cayce’s Readings may be considered “postmillennial” in that he is speaking of the new age to dawn after the year 2000 … but begun, premillennially, in 1958. Jamil, the Child of Light, Messenger of God to The Community, was conceived in 1958 and born March 16, 1959.

Cayce tells us that Jesus, the Essene Messiah, the “Nazarene,” was the son of Mary and Joseph. As stressed throughout the Readings, all three were affiliated with the Essene community based at Mount Carmel and had lineages extending back through the School of the Prophets begun by Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, and ultimately Melchizedek.7

The first letter I received from The Community in 1976 was from our founding Bishop, the Most Right Reverend Gene Savoy — sent, appropriately, from the Church Rectory Abbey situated atop Mount Carmel, just west of downtown Reno. The study-program outline talked about the Teachings of Light, the Essenes, Jesus as an Essene Rabban, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the manifesting Sun of Righteousness and corresponding new solar conditions on the planet, Malachi, the End Times, the new Community of Light, the Order, the School of Light, and a host of related subjects — many that had been touched upon by Cayce in his Readings.

Significantly, Cayce and his generation would only have known about the Essenes from the writings of Josephus, Philo, and Pliny the Elder. The Dead Sea Scrolls — now recognized to have been composed and preserved by the Essenes at Qumran — were not discovered until 1947-48, and so were unknown to Cayce. We now know from those scrolls that Jesus was almost certainly a member of the Essene communities at Mount Carmel and Qumran, and that the Essene groups actually comprised about a third of the population of Israel at that time. They had also performed services for centuries on Mount Carmel — until such time as they and the false (in their estimation) priesthood in charge in Jerusalem had a falling out. This is one of the reasons Jesus directly attacked those overseeing the Temple Mount and its services. (According to several scholars, Pythagoras also studied for two years at the school on Mount Carmel.)

Several publications of the International Community of Christ deal directly with the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes, their gnostic teachings, the Kabbalah, Jesus as Essene Rabban and Master Teacher, etc. None of the publications — extending over decades — were in any way influenced by Cayce nor even mention him. However, the fact that Edgar Cayce predicted the new School of Light in America is unquestioned by those who know his prophetic Readings and have experienced the new Teachings of Light offered once again to humankind.

Brief Summation:

  1. Several individuals, including myself, were guided to the International Community of Christ/Cosolargy after having read the Edgar Cayce literature.
  2. The new Community of Light is located exactly where Cayce implied it would be.
  3. Cayce’s emphasis upon the Essenes and Jesus as one of their Master Rabbans, the School of the Prophets, Messianic Christianity, Holy Kabbalah, and related topics are also important subjects taught in this Community within its Teachings of Light.
  4. Whereas Cayce did not know about or have access to the Dead Sea Scrolls, our Community is the only global organization now interpreting and publishing commentaries on those sacred manuscripts while also incorporating those scriptures into liturgical practice and musical litanies, modern Essene “antiphons.”
  5. The Sacred Calendar of the Second Advent Church contains the major dates and cycles predicted by Cayce.
  6. The guiding Light behind the Emerging New Christianity is God’s new Sun of Righteousness, as predicted by the Prophet Malachi and Cayce.
  7. Global warming, polar shifts, dramatic weather changes — all attributable to this new solar condition — are now upon the planet. Cayce warned of these phenomena; the Second Advent Church, via the Jamilian University, is teaching individuals how to survive and thrive during this evolutionary cycle.
  8. The Community teaches individuals how to work with solar and cosmic energies manifesting for the good of humankind and to incarnate Christ Consciousness, just as Cayce stated must happen.
  9. The  Healing Center of the Second Advent Church at Steamboat Hot Springs is gradually incorporating all the sound, light, and color research and technologies predicted by Edgar Cayce — those that would be used in the future by the “returned Essenes.”

Anyone sincerely believing in the Readings and Prophecies of Edgar Cayce should, at the very least, investigate the returned School of Light here in northern Nevada. This is exactly the what-who-when-where-why that Cayce envisioned, and the Jamilian University is the resource available to those interested in pursuing the enlightenment spoken of by Edgar Cayce.

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