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Is a word derived from three root meanings: co- for “cosmos” or “cosmic”; solar meaning “sun”; -gy meaning “study of”. Cosolargy in the rudimentary sense is the study of how cosmic spiritual forces interact with the sun.

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What personal benefits can a person expect from practicing the System?2019-02-28T15:35:52-08:00

There can be a broad spectrum of benefits on the physical, emotional, mental, creative, psychic and spiritual levels. Initial benefits typically experienced by those practicing The System of Cosolargy include an increase of physical energy, heightened sensitivity and mental alertness, along with expanded states of Consciousness.

Personal benefits can take many forms: feelings of strong personal connection with the natural environment, increased mental capacity and focus, amplification of intuitive thinking, expanded awareness and the experience of being more than merely human, the joy of living in harmony with nature and the divine order of the cosmos, and a greater sense of well-being based upon personal experience with higher states of awareness. On the other hand, the increased energy and imposition of impersonal Intelligence Factors from the sun can cause “spaciness” and “scattered mental processes” without proper discipline and personal controls. You can also learn to balance and increase the energy levels of the color fields or force centers, which provide support and sustains the overall health of the physical body. Through sustained conscious effort, the main benefit is to discover and strengthen the connection with your eternal Light Body.

Will The System improve my physical health?2019-09-27T08:18:10-07:00

The Academy provides guidelines for a healthy diet, and with the application of solar eye techniques, the physical organism benefits on many levels, including added energy. With the intake of solar energy, the information you are receiving from the sun will affect all of your physical senses. Each individual has different experiences, as practice of The System is a process of experience not dogma or faith.

The System can improve your physical health, but it is not an automatic process. Each of us is unique and becomes aware, through The System, of what he or she should do to provide balanced nutrition and strengthening of his/her color fields. The practice of The System restores life and health to one’s spirit, which until then has been dormant; this often has a “trickle down” effect that enhances mental and physical health. Some practitioners experience a positive change in appearance and increased youthfulness as well.

Does The System of Cosolargy have any practical value?2019-02-28T15:37:24-08:00

Greater intelligence and higher states of awareness certainly have practical advantages. And for an individual seeking a direct personal communication with the creative powers of the universe, The System offers practical techniques and safeguards within a community of like-minded and experienced adepts.

Greater intake and correct processing of solar energy on the physical levels with expanded perceptions in the mental and psychic fields can allow you to do more with less sleep and need for rest. While mental and memory functions are enhanced, you may also notice a lesser craving for food. The human being is fundamentally reliant upon sunlight for life. Nothing could be more “practical” that reestablishing our natural and vital relationship with the sun.

As you develop a deeper sense of understanding of yourself and the world, the practical value of Cosolargy will depend on your level of involvement and understanding of The System. Most people in The System find their mental capacity is increased; they have a sense of well-being; and they are more at peace with themselves and world. Many things seemingly unclear become clear, and this reduces the stress level of everyday life.

How does The System benefit the world as a whole?2019-02-28T15:37:52-08:00

The object of the System is to generate a higher state of consciousness. Once that is achieved, the individual is able to take an active role in aiding the transformation of other individuals and thus the world. By participating in a Community of fellow practitioners of the System, the Cosolargist helps create a beneficial, evolutionizing force in the world in collaboration with the Divine Plan to restore the Creation to its original state. It is safe to say that as more and more people are sensing an “emergence” that seems to be accelerating Mankind’s potential, Cosolargy will give you the tools to discriminate and identify elements of this emergence; the spiritual evolution of Mankind then becomes not just a notion, but a reality.

I have already been looking at the sun (on my own).
How is Cosolargy different from simple sun-gazing?

Historically, many people have used the intake of sunlight through the eyes as a way to increase well-being and even intelligence. Many animals do the same thing. But because humans have a spiritual nature as well as a physical and mental nature, they can use the inherent intelligence or information carried in sunlight to develop their immortal spiritual selves as well.

Cosolargy provides techniques for using the spiritual information in sunlight to take you beyond the mere increase in physical energy or intelligence that can result from simple sungazing. These techniques have been jealously guarded by mystics groups throughout history and have been repossessed and updated by Cosolargy.

We know that light is an effective transporter of information. You may have already noticed some benefits from your sungazing. There are recent technologies in the fields of computer science, neurology, physics, and medical science that are utilizing light and photons to transmit information as a foundation for creating new viable solutions in those respective fields.

When you are out looking at the sun, information encoded in the photons enters your eyes, impacting millions of neurons, which send these unorganized bits to the optic lobes with the potential to become organized information. If the information is recognizable or discernibly substantial, it then has the potential to be relayed to other parts of the brain that assess, share, synthesize, select, and store relevant perceptions. The key is that the information must be meaningful in order to carry any real substance for processing; otherwise it is treated as irrelevant.

Consider when we first learn to read. Initially we are introduced to the notion of a written language. Initially it seems nonsense. But over time we learn to distinguish characters of the alphabet and their attributes, and finally we learn that combinations of these characters represent thoughts, ideas, and symbolic representations of things that are real. Essentially we learn to decode an encrypted representation of reality. We become educated in decoding information. Photons carry information. No sun gazing group teaches what we teach — the Language of the Sun, the Language of the Angels.

Cosolargy offers a System that instructs individuals how to deal with cosmic solar forces that impact on a person’s spiritual, psychic, and mental levels of being. Without proper instruction, looking at the sun can be harmful.
Forms of sun gazing have been taught and practiced among virtually all civilizations on the planet since remote ages. Some teachings have been quite “low,” as in simple sun-worship. Others have taught “higher” systems, as found for example among Jesus and the original Essene-Christians, the disciples of Buddha, the followers of Akhenaton, to name a few

In our time several individuals and groups teach the benefits of sun gazing, as many are becoming conscious of changes taking place in the sun and on the planet. Unfortunately, few if any of these offerings recognize the importance of gradual and proper instruction in a spiritual school. In a school, you receive the benefits of proven techniques experienced by others over time in a community of colleagues; and, quite importantly, the larger effects such practices may have on the environment, other human beings and the sun itself.

For six decades, Cosolargy International has been introducing candidates to The System of Cosolargy, helping them reshape and direct their lives to a higher purpose for the good of humankind, the planet, the solar system, and the cosmos. No method of sun gazing is comparable, or spiritually authorized, during the New Age of Light that is upon us.

Sun gazing is a simple physical exercise that can have beneficial affects, but it does not give you a deeper insight and understanding. Cosolargy is not sun gazing, but a System that allows you to get in touch with higher realms and to gain a knowledge of higher existence.

Cosolargy is the revealed System in modern times of spiritual practices developed in ancient solar cultures from time immemorial. Its purpose is to reawaken of the spiritual natures of all on Earth seeking to embrace their true nature as Sons and Daughters of God. There are many powers, personal and impersonal, which seek to keep men and women from embracing their true nature. The Community of Cosolargy, established by revelation and through the discipline of Cosolargy, has been established to offer refuge for those seeking to establish this relationship with God.

Is Cosolargy a form of sun worship?2019-02-28T15:39:25-08:00

Just as a person would have respect or gratitude for living things around us, the sun can be viewed as a living thing and so we afford it that same respect or reverence we would for all life. The life that flourishes in our solar system is a rare and precious thing, and at its heart is the sun. In Cosolargy you are not gazing at or worshiping the sun. The sun is an intermediary between yourself and the higher dimensions. The System teaches you how to use the pathway of the sun to those higher dimensions. It is not a object of adoration but a tool. You will be learning to use the energy of the sun to generate higher faculties to go beyond the sun to a higher state of being. How this is achieved is taught in the Academy.

The Teachings of Light allow you to commune with the rays of the sun in order to raise the energy levels of the physical and psychic fields while “entraining” higher frequencies in the Force Centers and enveloping fields to strengthen Consciousness. The sun is a “gateway,” as it were, to higher dimensional realms where there are “entities” that some lower religions and mystery schools “worship.” Cosolargy, to the contrary, teaches you how to go beyond such phenomena, discover your true spiritual self, and commune with the Worlds of Light.

Is Cosolargy a religious teaching?2019-02-28T16:56:36-08:00

Cosolargy is a scientific, philosophical, metaphysical, and religious System that is designed to allow the individual to develop his or her own spiritual consciousness. It is a method and a pathway — a Way that can lead to great spiritual understandings and truth. If the individual wishes to explore the religious part of the system, they are free to do so but are not compelled to do so. Once individuals have undertaken more advanced study and undergone deeper experience, many do choose to enter the spiritual Order.

Cosolargy is actually a way of life. Because it addresses the spiritual realm of being, it is religious and employs techniques and activities that most people associate with religion. It is a non-denominational religio-scientific teaching that is not affiliated with one particular religion over another. Cosolargy represents a universal religion of Light which teaches that by applying a proven System of self-development and transformation, a person can move to a closer understanding of God.

Cosolargy International has consociates drawn from numerous global faith systems, such as Shinto, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, mystical Islam and Judaism, as well as Christianity. To participate in The System, no one has to abandon his/her religion, but rather should strive to understand how Cosolargy may better inform the underpinnings of the established faith or cultural tradition one has been raised in or adheres to. There are also Cosolargists who claim no religious faith whatsoever, but study and practice The System as perhaps the most scientifically based approach extant in this era of post-Einsteinian physics, alternative psychology, perception studies, and the new “paraphysics.”

How is Cosolargy different from other spiritual schools or religions?2019-02-28T16:56:55-08:00

While most religious organizations base their teachings on scripture and dogma or doctrine reportedly passed down from past masters, Cosolargy is a living personal experience uniquely expressed in the daily lives of modern practitioners. The discipline of The System has been developed to protect and nurture sincere seekers in their quest for direct communion with God.

One element of the Academy Program is the study of ancient texts and teachings of many of the world’s great religious traditions — from the ancient Persian teachings of Zoroaster and the Sufi schools; the Indian teachings of the Jains, Hindus, and Buddhists; the Chinese teachings of Confucius and Lao Tzu, Chinese Alchemy, and the Chinese Buddhist and Nestorian schools; the ancient Egyptian and Jewish traditions, particularly the Essene teachings, which laid the foundations for the multitude of diverse Christian churches and cults; the Greco-Roman mystery schools; the Incan and Meso-American solar cultures, the Hawaiian Kahuna and Oceania traditions; and the various mystical and esoteric teachings of Islam. Each of these varied, ancient and modern traditions contains elements of the original universal teaching of the Cosmic Solar Logos.

Unlike religions as currently known, the practice of Cosolargy is not based on belief and acceptance of dogmatic faith but on experience and knowledge. Its techniques and teachings help the individual to awaken and develop their own spirit.

Is Cosolargy scientifically based?2019-02-28T16:57:32-08:00

The scientific arts, religious sciences, and therapeutic technologies of Cosolargy is scientific at it base. The absorption of sunlight and information factors affects the whole chemistry of the body and the mind. These effects can be described scientifically. The doctrines and techniques of Cosolargy are proven daily in the laboratory of our personal experience.

Cosolargy can be viewed as a science and an art because it understands the cosmos as composed ultimately of energy frequencies and seeks to use and harmonize with those frequencies via experience and experiment.

I have studied, or am familiar with, other teachings, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, and others. How is Cosolargy different from other practical systems?2019-02-28T16:57:56-08:00

The System of Cosolargy allows the practitioner to penetrate to the essence of many traditions and disciplines. Other methods can help you to enhance the experiences of The System, but they are not complete systems in themselves but rather tools to be used.

There are many forms of meditation and yoga, and all have certain benefits. Meditation and yoga are physical and mental practices — disciplines designed to alter consciousness, transform the enveloping fields, ameliorate conditions, and “awaken” perceptions. They are not in and of themselves spiritual practices, for they do not deal directly with spirit. All such approaches derive from extremely remote ages when most civilizations on the planet were “solar”; that is, cultures that taught and practiced solar absorption and reflection techniques, such as the ancient Vedic civilizations of India.

While such practices can be of benefit in themselves, the original goal of all these systems was to complement and aid the initiate in his or her unfoldment as a spiritual Being of Light. If one is communing with the rays of the sun, it is helpful to know “Surya Yoga.” If one has absorbed a great deal of solar energy, “Hatha” or “Vinyasa” may prove useful in “circulating” and “processing” the flow of energy through the Force Centers, meridians, Bonghan ducts, enveloping fields, etc. Similarly, certain types of meditation may help the individual to discover energy circuits and flows within and to learn how to control and work with them. In fact, the solar techniques of Cosolargy may also be called a form of meditation or contemplation, but of a much higher order.

In the System of Cosolargy numerous techniques are taught that are similar to those found in schools of meditation and yoga: proper intoning (Bija-type mantram) along with how to use the hands and fingers (mudras), the proper use of breathing (pranayamas), recognition of archetypes (yantras), opening of the heart center (karuna), and various other comparable concepts. However, The System of Cosolargy is far more evolved than the techniques generally taught in yoga classes or in meditation groups. In addition, The System is designed for those living in modern society, not necessarily in a commune or retreat.

Cosolargy offers what other systems have lost: techniques for evolving the spiritual being beyond the merely physical and psychic experiences of being. It restores this capacity to other systems, which it does not oppose, but completes.

Is Cosolargy related to the Bible or other scriptures and ancient sacred texts?2019-02-28T16:58:20-08:00

If you have an interest in the Bible or other sacred text, the more you practice Cosolargy you will find these writings become more alive. You will have insights, discoveries, and introspections that were once hidden from you. Cosolargy is about developing faculties that allow you to discover those things that are hidden to most. Virtually all ancient cultures were “solar.” Communion with the rays of the sun and expanded experiences in Consciousness allow the individual insights and understandings of those cryptic writings not accessible to the general scholar or academic.

Although Cosolargy does not base its teachings on any particular scripture, it promotes a true understanding of all scriptures by giving the practitioner spiritual awareness and reasoning power to understand the true, underlying teachings and hidden meanings of scriptures, which are usually cloaked in allegory. When an individual has been practicing The System for a period of time, they can pick up any revealed scriptural text and see that hidden in the allegory of the text is the same System they are applying today.

The Bible is an object of study and inspiration for the Cosolargist. With proper interpretation and understanding, the Cosolargist can find many profound truths contained therein. In the Academy and Sacred College, Cosolargy discusses, reviews, publishes, and makes commentary upon ancient scriptures and text fragments from multiple religious traditions, including those of the Bible.

What educational background would I have to have in order to enroll in The Academy?2019-02-28T16:58:39-08:00

No particular academic background is required. A sincere desire to understand one’s own spiritual nature is the primary prerequisite. Also a willingness to expend personal effort is required for a student of The Academy to be successful.

There is an element that all people who have gone through the Academy share: they have the ability to immerse themselves in a field of interest with exuberance and intensity. When these people are brought together and share ideas, this characteristic tends to amplify, affecting everyone like an energy field that stimulates the urge to again discover and explore more new things.

Can a person practice The System while working full time and living life with family and friends?2019-02-28T16:59:06-08:00

The System is a modern approach geared to people who have a normal involvement in society. Most people practice The System while working and living a normal life. It is designed to be practiced at your own pace as your schedule permits. However, a certain amount of time and effort is required on a consistent basis for the Consociate to make real progress in the System.

Should I share information with friends and family?2019-02-28T16:59:26-08:00

When practicing the techniques of Cosolargy, there are precautions and guidelines that help ensure safe and healthy results. Practicing techniques outside these prescribed guidelines can have detrimental effects on a person. It is not wise that you take on this kind of responsibility. Yet you will find as you progress in the System that you will want to share your new thoughts and ideas, which you should.

General information about the Community and the Teachings can be shared. However, specific techniques and training are only beneficial to the committed practitioner within the protective umbrella of the Community. Remember that you are working with very powerful impersonal forces and energies, and that outside the Community a person practicing techniques can easily be overpowered by these energies and lose personal control. This is something to be avoided at all costs.

How do I know if I am prepared to participate in the Academy Program?2019-02-28T17:01:01-08:00

If you are hungry for the Truth and willing to learn, you are qualified. That you have taken the initiative to seek out information on your spiritual origin and identity shows your interest and desire for “something else” in life. Most people don’t have that. Do not let your concern about being prepared stop you. It is not a matter of being worthy or not. Cosolargy is a life system. If you follow The System, if you practice it and experience it, you will grow.

The System of Cosolargy is for those who know that human life is much more than the “game” that has been imposed upon them from birth by culture, society, and environment; it is for those who feel and believe that each individual is a unique expression of spiritual creative forces. For some it is thrilling to know that a person can develop an intimate and personal relationship with the Source of Creation. It is for these individuals that Cosolargy exists, and it is within these individuals that the future hope of humanity resides.

This Teaching is a gift for those to whom it can be entrusted: Embrace it and do good for yourself and for Mankind in general.

Will I become enlightened in Cosolargy?2019-02-28T17:01:20-08:00

That depends on you. The System enables dedicated practitioners to access higher levels of consciousness and being. But it will not happen automatically. The journey of enlightenment is ongoing.

The whole concept of enlightenment seems to be elusive for most people. Enlightenment is not a location, a state of being, or an accumulation of specific attributes. Rather it is a series of ongoing experiences, realizations and revelations enhancing our beings in ways that are initially unimaginable — a perpetual unfolding in an ongoing process, expanding our potential to experience and interact on levels that go beyond what we are taught to expect.

The term “enlightenment” is vague at best. The practicing Cosolargist develops special receptors in the eyes and force fields which allow him or her to receive and process the seminal Cosmic Solar Logos. This process can bring about an awakening of consciousness of and a rebirth into the Worlds of Light — the reconnection with the eternal Light Body. The Cosolargist then exists in two worlds, as an eternal being of Light, and as a physical being in a material body. This is what Jesus was describing when he stated, “You must be born again.”

What does The Academy prepare me for?2019-02-28T17:01:37-08:00

On the mundane level, The Academy prepares you for further studies and life within a Community of like-minded people. The Academy Program will give you the basics of a spiritual practice that can enhance and expand your life. And you will have the opportunity to pursue further studies if you wish to do so after completion of the Academy. Remember that The System is not just a practice for individual benefit; you are joining a Community that is dedicated to reflecting a spiritual force within the world, and this force benefits the whole world as well as the Universe.

What the Academy really prepares you for is the added meaning and depth that will come into your life. When you apply The System as given, higher faculties will evolve and you will know the course of action and the direction you should take with your life. On the deepest level, the Academy prepares you to experience perceptions and the personal transformation of your being to the fullness of one who is eternal, immortal, and ultimately divine; that is, a return to your original Self that you have forgotten and that always was and always will be.

What do I have to give up to practice Cosolargy?2019-02-28T17:01:55-08:00

This question could be answered with both “Everything” and “Nothing.” The Consociate is not required to give up anything (even membership in their current religious community, for example) to study Cosolargy. Yet as a spiritual way of life, it requires a certain level of commitment. The experience of broadening and transforming your identity as a living spiritual entity often results in less-inspiring pursuits falling away of themselves. Rather than approaching the study of Cosolargy from the perspective of “sacrificing” something, you as a Consociate are encouraged to focus on how Cosolargy can benefit your personal spiritual development, as well as how you can help transform the Cosmos.

Beyond books and other materials, how will I be guided personally through studies and practices?2019-02-28T17:02:49-08:00

The techniques and practices are the core of The System. The Academy Program takes 24 months because as you follow the practices, there are changes that take place in you, and the written and audio material you receive takes on a different level of meaning as a result of the changes. The material provides information you will need to understand and follow the practices, but each individual is different and will have different experiences and reactions as a result of the energetic changes that take place. Your assigned preceptor is someone who can assist with questions that come up, and is always available to assist with your questions.

A preceptor is your personal tutor who guides you through the transitions you will undergo as you progress through the Proces of Spiritual Regeneration. Learning The System is more practice than intellectual study, and involves changes in you that take place as you change energetically. Your Preceptor is your guide through this process, as well as your tutor who will assist you in learning the theory part of the System.

This being said, there is material, information, and experience that can only be received with face to face interaction with the Community. Spending time in residency is not a requirement, but it is an opportunity. Everyone participating in the Academy and Sacred College is strongly urged to visit the Center in Reno when they can.

Will I be required to travel to the Community’s Center in Nevada?2018-06-28T10:34:45-07:00
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