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By Lawrence K Brown

To best appreciate why this writing is called ” Gardener of the Soul”, it is important to know exactly what is a Gardener? By definition, a gardener is described as being a caretaker, a nurturer. In addition to that definition, a gardener is one ‘who loves participating in the process of growth.’ This love must be deeply rooted in order to be a successful gardener. A successful or skilled gardener loves everything about the process. Importantly he or she knows the growing process has always been in place. A skilled gardener constantly is acquiring knowledge that enhance understanding, participation in the caring and nurturing of the garden in their care.

With a total commitment to the process of growing, the gardener pays attention to the quality of the soil to ensure a foundation for future growth. As a gardener, special attention is given to nurturing, preparing the soil for planting. Sometimes this requires the soil to be dug up, turned to reach the growing richness buried deep. This along with removing anything that could jeopardize growth. In the planting, the gardener knows which plants will need to be fully in the sun, oppose to those that will need partial shade. The gardener takes great care to water properly. Understanding that too much water can be as damaging to the growth process, as not watering enough. The more involved the gardener becomes in the care and nurturing of the garden, the connection and love resonate in every way possible.

Though a novice container gardener, I’m beginning to appreciate that in growing within my spiritual space, that I have the honor, opportunity, and responsibility like that of the aforementioned gardener. The process of spiritual growth has already been in place. Therefore as a spiritual gardener, the need for me to embrace this process is vital to becoming successful in the care and nurturing of my spiritual garden. As a novice spiritual gardener, acquiring constant understanding, knowledge that point one to spiritual gardening successfully. Through the “pointers”, understanding the rich soil in all of us is the soul, the real essence of who we truly are. Though that ‘rich soil of the soul’ exist, digging deep, turning the soil removing any illusions, weed-like attributes, tendencies, or actions that hinder growth in my spiritual garden. Taking responsibility for what I’m planting is part of being the caretaker of my spiritual garden. Often, especially in the beginning, we embrace every spiritual concept, idea, teaching, label. This though can amount to over ‘watering’ our spiritual garden. In the process growth is slow coming. When this happens, we need to stop watering for a moment, be still, allowing the ” roots of our spiritual plants to absorb ” the watering. Lastly, the planting in our spiritual garden requires the ‘sunlight of love’. Yet love is unconditional. This light empowers the growth in the spiritual garden. Yet it is important that in embracing, welcoming in this light, we shield our spiritual garden from the mind’s description of light.

Lawrence K. Brown
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