God’s Thought in the Light of the Sun

By Gene Savoy, Jr.

In our Teaching, we emphasize that “in the beginning,” man and woman were created in the image of God but lost their bright nature. Thus, we degenerated into material beings and became enslaved to the natural environment. Trapped in the ever-changing environment, we became the products of cosmological events that vary according to myriad cycles; temperatures; distances of planetary bodies one from another; the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth; as well as the cosmic energies that bombard it. All of these energies and phenomena determine what we are, how we think, and how we respond to nature.

It is sometimes hard for us to acknowledge that we – man, woman, and society at large – change from one age to another. We differ in appearance, in stature, in composition, and in the manner in which we view ourselves and the Universe in which we live. Our institutions of learning, our religions, our arts and sciences, our civilizations, together with natural environment make us who we are or what we may become.

Sun Power

However, when one elevates their eyes to the Sun and absorbs the energies directly into the brain and nervous system, we flood our entire beings with cosmic energies that have their origins in space and worlds beyond our own. In this way, we are projected into outer space! Our whole being on the physical level is altered by all of our systems at work within our bodies. And these alterations affect how we think, for with incoming light and energy from the Sun our minds are illuminated with thoughts that originate not within ourselves but from outside our known world. Slowly, we are remade in the image of God taking on the original image of Light.

God’s Thought

God’s Thought, called The Word, is sent into the Universe by means of sunlight. The Thought or The Word does not originate within our Sun but within the Eternal Mind of God from which all things owe their existence. When we look upon the Sun, our minds can be linked with the Mind of God. And that is what is meant by The Word incarnating in the mind of Man.

With the coming of God’s Thought into the world from the Sun, the light of the Sun has been altered, for it is filled with divine thoughts. And that is why the Sun has been called the Sun of Righteousness. And because God’s Thought or Word calls us back to Him, redeeming us from the Earth, we also call the Sun the Messianic Sun. This means that God, wishing to restore His Children to their divine nature by means of divine Light is Savior, Redeemer and Restorer.

Sunlight and God’s Thought

Sunlight acting upon our eyes, brains, nervous system and organism as a whole brings about a dramatic change in us on the physical and mental levels. And because of these changes, The Community has introduced a System of looking at the Sun which is beneficial to us. This System is a divine science which has been entrusted to us as an institution of great learning that is concerned with the individual’s body, emotions, mind, psyche and spiritual nature. We look at the Sun as a means to aspire to the celestial nature, which is a state far superior to the terrestrial.

System of Cosolargy

We know this System was known and applied by many ancient schools and orders. But, because the nature of the Sun is different today than it was in times past, Cosolargy is distinct in many ways. Therefore, a New Teaching governing these changes has come into the world as the traditional and sacred School of Light which has come at different times in different places.