By Robert DeFord

This short treatise and selection of essential concepts and ideas declared by Gurdjieff is an announcement of the “Herald of the Coming Good” from the International Community of Cosolargy, an authentic Essene Brotherhood, to all the students and practitioners of G.I. Gurdjieff’s “Way” or “Fourth Way.” (Quotes are drawn primarily from his magnum opus, the magisterial book All and Everything in the 1950 edition, the only edition authorized by Gurdjieff himself.) The brief statement I am providing here exhumes the dog along with the bone (as he so humorously put it), which he buried deeply and consciously in the text, in a calculated and predetermined way, to be unearthed at this hour in the spiritual destiny of mankind.

The cosmic clock is nearing the hour of completion of a major cosmic cycle that will allow more light into the consciousness of humanity to enable them to fully awaken from aeons of deep sleep that has hampered and blocked humankind from achieving their potential to become the Sons and Daughters of God—their stolen birthright.

Mr. Gurdjieff says:

“‘Yes . . . my dear friend, if only the teaching of the Divine Jesus Christ were carried out in full conformity with its original, then the religion unprecedentedly wisely founded on it would not only be the best of all existing religions, but even of all religions which may arise and exist in the future.’”

(All and Everything, 1950 authorized edition, p. 1009)

Another “prophetic” statement by Gurdjieff1:

“I advise you, my dear Hassein, not to put such questions to yourself yet. Do not be impatient. Only when that period of your existence arrives which is proper for your becoming aware of such essence-questions, and you actively mentate about them, will you understand what you must do in return.

“Your present age does not yet oblige you to pay for your existence. The time of your present age is not given you in which to pay for your existence, but for preparing yourself for the future, for the obligations becoming to a responsible three-brained being.

“So in the meantime, exist as you exist. Only do not forget one thing, namely, at your age it is indispensably necessary that every day, at sunrise, while watching the reflection of its splendor, you bring about a contact between your consciousness and the various unconscious parts of your general presence. Try to make this state last and to convince the unconscious parts—as if they were conscious—that if they hinder your general functioning, they, in the period of your responsible age, not only cannot fulfill the good that befits them, but your general presence of which they are part will not be able to be a good servant of our COMMON ENDLESS CREATOR and by that will not even be worthy to pay for your arising and existence.”

(All and Everything, pp. 77-78)

To All and Everybody that have begun their enlightenment by studying and practicing The Fourth Way, the Esoteric Christianity of the Lost Teachings of Jesus—knowledge that was introduced to the West by G.I. Gurdjieff and through the writings of his most popular student and associate, P.D. Ouspensky, in his book In Search of the Miraculous—we offer you a new (and very ancient) body of knowledge.

The International Community of Cosolargy has been released from many years of secrecy and can now make available to you the long-hidden source and the vital information needed to provide you with the superabundant energy required to feed and grow the elusive “True Self” that slumbers restlessly inside you and to accelerate the “awakening” and help you to finish the work you have started.

All students and practitioners of G.I. Gurdjieff’s still esoteric and subterranean light-bearing insights and divine wisdom, the epitome of lost knowledge encapsulated and deeply buried “like the dog,” as he put it in All and Everything, are well aware of his deepest personal struggles and sufferings and heartfelt desire described in his life’s work:

“FIRST SERIES : To destroy, mercilessly, without any compromises whatsoever, in the mentation and feelings of the reader, the beliefs and views, by centuries rooted in him, about everything existing in the world.

“SECOND SERIES: To acquaint the reader with the material required for a new creation and to prove the soundness and good quality of it.

“THIRD SERIES: To assist the arising, in the mentation and in the feelings of the reader, of a veritable, non-fantastic representation, not of that illusory world which he now perceives, but of the world existing in reality.”

(All and Everything, p. v)

What lies hidden behind these words in Gurdjieff’s amazing book?

In a conversation with a prospective pupil (found in the essay “Glimpses of Truth,” which is included as the first chapter of the book Views from the Real World), Gurdjieff advises: “Try to fix your interest and attention . . . on what lies hidden behind the words, on the inner content.”

In the year 1916, Gurdjieff said that some things, such as “types” and the “forty-eight laws” “… cannot be defined in ordinary language, and the language in which they could be defined you do not as yet know and will not know for a long time.”

(Fragments, p. 246)

We have finally reached that time.

In studying Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and Ouspensky’s chief student (the person he chose to update all his writings for our generation) Rodney Collin, and the many other commentators of The Fourth Way, we have learned that we are “asleep”; and we have learned that in order to wake up we have to catch a glimpse of our essence, our “True Self,” for a moment; and that discovery is only possible in the “present” to give it birth; then forever after that epiphany, we have to “Self Remember” to feed our elusive, sleeping but truly “authentic” Self or, in religious terms, our Soul. Once the True Self is discovered we have the potential to “work” on it to develop it and to awaken it. By doing the “work” we are on “The Way.” To some practitioners of Gurdjieff’s system it is called “The Fourth Way.” It is the Way taken by a person to develop the true “objectivity” and a true “conscience” that slowly enables us to tell the difference between our outer “mechanical” and slumbering personality—made up of our thoughts, feelings, bodily needs, and our many other machinelike multiple inner moving parts, our manifold eyes or “I”s, our many identities or our thought-life rampaging within, under little or no supervision—and the “master” I, the “foreman” or “steward.” This is the genuine “gnosis” that Gurdjieff brought to the West. He called it “The Terror of the Situation.”

There is a well-known story about Gurdjieff that he was once asked by a traveling companion on a train what business he was in. Gurdjieff replied that he was a salesman. “Of what? Asked the traveling companion. “Of solar energy,” Gurdjieff replied. He was referring to the “higher” energies of essence needed by our soul, which belong to the sun and pass through the sun. But he might also have replied that he was a salesman of the secret knowledge of how to “wake up” our sleeping True Self from the dreams, fantasies, programming, and delusions of life.

What is so easily overlooked are the occasional reminders and clues scattered here and there throughout his amazing book that refer to his “Divine Teacher,” as he calls him, Jesus Christ, the illustrious but easily dismissed source of his wisdom teachings. Gurdjieff also once described his life’s work as “Esoteric Christianity,” the lost or hidden Teachings of Jesus. These Teachings are overlooked by the seekers of lost or hidden knowledge because of the slipshod and unrighteous behavior of the so-called Christian Churches since the Roman usurpation of the early Church in the fourth century. The declaration by Emperor Constantine that made Christianity a state church gradually drove out anything truly Christian of The Master’s intention, as well as His essential and sometimes even secret Teachings, from the public arena and forced the authentic Gospel found in Christ’s Teachings, his hidden, “oral” Teachings, underground, where they have been existing only in the form of scattered fragments. Or, according to Gurdjieff himself, they still exist in their entirety as a secret system guarded to this day by its custodians, within an Essene Brotherhood located near Jerusalem. Gurdjieff whispers to the reader, in his clever way, of “burying the dog” that he learned from his “Divine Teacher” by way of His messenger the Holy Spirit. Gurdjieff here describes what happened to the “essence” of the True Teachings of Jesus:

“But thereafter they began gradually to ‘strip’ also this religious teaching based on ‘resplendent Love,’ and transformed it into something also ‘resplendent,’ but already, as our dear Mullah Nasser Eddin says, into a ‘resplendent-Terasakhaboora from the fairy tale ‘Kasoaadjy.’

“In the case of this great religious teaching, indeed, it also happened among them, that its followers divided themselves, on account of exterior details of small importance, into various sects, and came to be called not just ‘Christians’ as all the first followers of this teaching called themselves— but ‘Orthodox,’ ‘Sevrodox,’ ‘Ypsylodox,’ ‘Hamilodox,’ and various other cognomens also ending in ‘dox.’”

(All and Everything, p. 702)

(I personally think of the -dox word as box, like the closed and confined minds that cling blindly to half truths, legalistic doctrines, and outright lies—all of which prevail in what we nominally call “Christianity.” )

Then Gurdjieff reveals what happened to the authentic Teachings of his “Divine teacher,” Jesus Christ, after the Teachings had been tucked away and guarded for almost two thousand years by a small community of brothers … until today:

“By the way, I may tell you here that among a rather small group of terrestrial beings the teaching of Jesus Christ was preserved unchanged, and, passing from generation to generation, has even reached the present time in its original form.

“This smallish group of terrestrial beings is designated ‘the Brotherhood of the Essenes.’ The beings of this brotherhood succeeded at first in introducing the teaching of this Divine Teacher into their own being-existence, and subsequently in transmitting it from generation to generation to later generations, as a very good means for freeing themselves from the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer.”

(All and Everything, pp. 703-4)

Gurdieff goes on to say quite clearly and emphatically:

“‘Yes, my dear friend, if only the teaching of the Divine Jesus Christ were carried out in full conformity with its original, then the religion unprecedentedly wisely founded on it would not only be the best of all existing religions, but even of all religions which may arise and exist in the future.’”

(All and Everything, p. 1009)

Gurdjieff continues:

“And therefore at the present time, in place of the teaching of the Divine Teacher Jesus Christ, in which among other things was revealed the power of the All-lovingness and All-forgivingness of our CREATOR, suffering for beings—it is now already taught there that our CREATOR mocks the souls of those who follow this teaching.”

(All and Everything, p. 703)

Gurdjieff goes even further in affirming that all the matters of the universe are found in man: “We have in us the matter of all other worlds.” Man is, in the full sense of the term, a miniature universe; in him are all the matters of which the universe consists. We can interpret this as meaning that what is being described is the Gurdjieffian version of the “Christian” mystery of the Eucharist, a symbol in fact of the Sun.

The big question that hovers above his book and his legacy is, What did Jesus teach him by His Holy Spirit, and what are the lost oral teachings of Jesus that Gurdieff was searching for most of his life?

As we can see from every effort to read and digest his books, primarily All and Everything, that the gist of Gurdjieff’s teaching is very complex, and we have only touched on the most essential intentions of Gurdjieff’s lifelong efforts to share the vast, deep, and wide discoveries he made in his personal quest, primarily in the Near and Far East, starting with his life as a young seminary student in the Greek Orthodox faith, then into Tibet, Turkestan, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Germany, and God only knows where else, for enlightenment. Gurdjieff was a master of all the major religions and a few secret ones, certain dervish and Sufi orders, in order to synthesize all the major truths of all the disparate but similar religions into a unitary whole. But make no mistake about it: Gurdjieff’s concepts have multiple aspects, most of which totally escape the methodology of modern understanding and what passes for “reality,” since they concern, rather, the inner alchemy, the truly unlimited human potential of a fully awakened, fully perfected, fully “conscious” man or woman.

All and Everybody that take seriously Gurdjieff’s life’s work are familiar with his constant references to the Sun as a manifestation of God—his “The Most Holy Sun Absolute”—a very distant, almost unapproachable Supreme Being that is behind Everything we consider reality. Our sun is an outward manifestation only, His agent, His luminous physical emissary of His divine supernal light, which He has created to represent Himself to us in our much lower form of existence, in our dream world, within which we are working in our efforts to awaken.

Almost unnoticed in Guerdjieff’s big, fat, twelve-hundred-plus-page book are some simple and easily overlooked clues to his amazing, totally original recovery of the Lost Teachings and his deeply personal struggles and revelations to share the fruits of his lifelong labors. He struggled and single-mindedly strove most of his often hazardous life—working, exploring, studying, suffering, and sometimes narrowly escaping the hazards of the twentieth-century’s social, political, and religious revolutions—in order to discover, recover, and fathom, then reconstruct, rewire, and explain in detail, the inner workings of our sublime soft machine, the cosmic or universal laws inside and outside of each of us.

Finally, at the end of his life, he published his book, his “gospel,” as he put it, in order to share with us all the objective views he so laboriously fathomed about our unique status as “three-brained beings” stuck on this planet with its peculiar history of constant warfare and our peculiar, often warring religions that in their original form are supposed to assist us in the “awakening” we need to accomplish as a collective family called humanity.

We are now immersed in the final struggle between the forces at work in our planet’s evolution, that battle between the Children of Darkness and the Children of Light. The prophetic calendar has finally arrived at the critical point in time when we can help advance the efforts to stimulate, alert, educate, and bring into the Light mankind—to be awakened to “consciously” serve His Most Holy Sun Absolute and His Christ manifesting through the sun.

Consociates of The International Community of Cosolargy are an authentic Essene Brotherhood with spiritual roots deeply buried under layers and centuries of secrecy and guardianship of the Sacred Teachings of Light. We have modernized the ancient forms of the Teachings into a new life science called Cosolargy. We have been quietly preparing individuals to be emissaries and teachers and harbingers of a long-prophesied Solar Age, where the light from our sun will increase in its manifestation of the Powers of God, the Sun behind the sun, “The Most Holy Sun Absolute,” as the long-awaited spiritual renaissance is initiated for a spiritual revolution in the minds and hearts of all that desire His pure Light and His Consciousness to grow strong within our mortal coils.

Through our living, neo-metaphysical System, all of God’s created and divined religions will be transformed into their original pure intentions, the intentions they had before this world so radically corrupted and weakened them from their pristine teachings of how to literally look to the Sun as our primary source of spiritual food for our malnourished souls.

Together, as the human family, we are experiencing the final days and times, as we reach the end of an age on the cosmic calendar and the beginning of a new Solar Age, long-predicted in all the major religions—Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. They all foresee in their sacred scriptures an ending of the times of Darkness and the entry into the Worlds of Light.

Come join us in this “final adventure of Enlightenment” as we beat back the already gathering and coalescing forces of Darkness. They have a head start, but we have the Head of the entire enterprise leading us and illuminating our “Way.”

1.  The statement is delivered by the person of Beelzebub to his grandson Hassein, who asks his grandfather why he personally has all the comforts he now has and what obligation he is under for having them.