“The Archetypal and Creative Mind—first through its paternal foundation and afterwards through secondary gods called intelligences—poured out the whole infinity of its powers by continuous exchange from highest to lowest. … The Chaldeans and Egyptian also held that everything which is a result dwells in the cause of itself and turns to that cause as the lotus to the sun. Accordingly, the Supreme Intellect, through its paternal foundation, first created Light—the angelic world. … Yonder, therefore, above the stellar virtues, stands other heavens to be attained, like the heaven of this world; beyond them because they are of a higher kind, brighter and vaster; nor are they distant from each other like this one, for they are incorporeal.” ~Manly P. Hall

Cause of Self

It is really not possible for a thing to be it’s own cause, except in two ways. One way is that if we look at the species on only the physical level of being, then we do see that members of a species create other members of the same species through procreation. The other is that one can say that the spiritual self, which existed long before the physical self, is the “cause” or creator of the physical self to a large degree. It should be noted, however, that Mr. Hall gives in his explanation, the example of the lotus turning to the sun as its “cause,” and that is totally appropriate since on several level the sun is very much responsible for life on Earth.

In Cosolargy, we concern ourselves only with two levels of the sun while we are in physical form: the physical and the spiritual. The physical sun is essential for life on the physical level and anyone who tries to live without it will die instead. Likewise, our spirit and soul cannot function without the Light of the spiritual sun. Unlike the body, however, the spirit and soul cannot die, but only become dormant and non-functional, the state they are usually in when we are born into the material world.

Levels of Heavens

I am not sure that the ancients believed in multiple heavens as Mr. Hall believes, but it is possible. What they are calling multiple heavens, however, we would call spiritual dimensions and we call only the highest of these dimensions Heaven.

If you are climbing the Washington Monument using the stairs, you can’t go up one flight, then skip two, then walk one, then skip three, and so on. You have to take all the flights to get to the top. Likewise, you can’t jump from the low dimension we live in on a material level and jump directly to the highest dimension called Heaven: you have to work your way up one step at a time, one flight at a time. That is why spiritual people are slightly annoyed at people who claim that some relative, no matter how they lived their life, has gone directly to heaven by the simply act of dying. No great spiritual teacher has ever taught such nonsense.

How Far is Heaven

Manly is correct in saying that these “heavens”, all of them, are not distant from us, which is true in the sense of physical distance. A spiritual dimension can occupy the same “space” as a physical one because a spiritual dimension doesn’t take space at all. Space and time have no meaning on spiritual levels. This also means that all of the spiritual dimensions can occupy the same physical space since they don’t use space at all. So in that sense, the highest dimension is no further from us then the next one. That, however, is a meaningless thing to say. Heaven is a great “distance” from Earth in a non-physical way. Whether you think of it as frequency or consciousness level, one must “travel” very far in allegorical terms to get from here to heaven, even though it is right in front of you in a physical sense.