“Another system that should perhaps be fitted into the Gnostic framework is Hermeticism. It is very diverse and it draws its material from many sources within the Western Mystery traditions; it considers that the whole of mankind is on a spiritual journey that is designed to return to a state of unity with the mind of God and this state of unity is its prime purpose; and it holds that spiritual growth cannot be achieved without human effort. If humanity is to reach the Divine therefore, we must aspire to the Divine.” ~Bernard Simon

Hermeticism is Gnosticism

There is really no doubt that Hermeticism is a school of Gnosticism. While some specific details vary from other schools, the primary tenets are the same. Most experts agree that the writing attributed to Hermes were probably written by several individual and collected together over a period of time.

Spiritual Journey

That mankind is on a spiritual journey is one of the beliefs of Hermeticism that it shares with many other schools. Some schools teach that we were sent here intentionally to learn before we become fully spiritual. Most Gnostic schools, however, do not consider the Great Fall into matter to be something God intended. It is instead the result of the errors made by the fallen angels.

Our spiritual journey is to get back to where we came from, not some place where we have never been. We do that by first awaken our spirit and soul using the Divine Light of the spiritual sun. Then we continue to nourish and grow our spirit and soul by regularly “feeding” them more of that Light. At the same time we are doing that, we see ourselves going into spiritual realms beyond the physical. By visualizing it, we help make it happen.

Unity with God

In Hermeticism, the goal of spiritual development is unity with God, as it is in most Gnostic and Spiritual schools. Some will say that we are God’s creation and are always united with Him. In a sense, that is true. What we lack is an awareness of that connection.

Just as we make an effort to block out people who have gone bad and want to rob, murder, or rape us, God blocks out of the Divine Oneness those who have gone bad and cannot be part of the perfect Oneness. Once those people have changed and start following the Law of God, they too can become part of that Unity.

Human Effort

So Hermeticism, as with all real spiritual schools, teaches that man must make some effort to redeem himself and become aware of that connection with God. The connection that will result in the complete knowledge of truth called Gnosis. This truth is never found in books, nor in speeches by holy men. It come only with that true unity with God that is so much a part of Hermeticism. It has even been said that the person who would not be willing to give up everything he has to achieve this unity with God is not ready for it.