If the highest state of spiritual development is attained, the spirit, endowed with the highest spiritual activity of the soul, attracts the truth, and perceives and knows at once the conditions, causes, and effects of all external and internal, natural and divine things. It sees them within the eternal truth like a mirror of Eternity. By this process Man, while he remains in eternal nature, may know all that exists in the internal and external world, and see all things, not merely those which are, but also those which have been, or which will exist in in the future, and, moreover, by being and identified with the divine power (the Logos), he obtains the power to change things buy the power of his (spiritual) word.” ~Franz Hartmann

Highest State of Spiritual Development

At the highest state of spiritual development, the soul doesn’t just “attract” the truth, it knows the truth. We may have the truth around us right now, but we often can’t distinguish it from the clever lies of the manipulators. The fully developed spirit and soul have no such problem.

See all Things

Not only do those who have reached the highest state of spiritual development now truth, they see all things. What Mr. Hartmann means is that even if something is happening in a distant land, or in hidden chambers, they know. Of course, they can’t really know everything, but they can know anything they need to know. They will know anything that will aid them in their continued spiritual growth. Anything that doesn’t contribute to that growth is of little concern to them.

Seeing Past and Future

Not only do those who have achieved the highest state of spiritual development know everything that is happening now, they are capable of knowing the past and the present just as easily. Gene Savoy, founder of Cosolargy was like that. Sometimes when he was giving a lecture and he would talk about some spiritual illuminary from the past, he would talk as if he was present at the event. Whether he was Talking about poet Kalil Gibran a few decades earlier, or Moses many centuries ago made no difference to him. All time to him was the present.

The same is true for seeing the future, although not to the same level of detail and certainty. That is because the future is rarely set in stone. There are often several possible futures. The person at the highest state of spiritual growth can see these possibilities, but not necessarily which one will actually happen. She can, however, see causes, and understand that if a certain thing is done today, certain future paths will become more probable, and others less. By knowing that, and acting on it, they can help to make the future better for all of us.

Power to Change Things

Those in the highest state of spiritual development do have the power to change things. Unfortunately, so does everyone else, and they do it all the time. Every thought, every belief, every emotion helps shape our world. When you think angry thoughts, those thoughts hit the sun, get amplified, and bounce back to form the Earth of the future. The same if you thing loving thoughts.

It has been said that the well guided, more powerful thoughts of a spiritual master will be reflected better by the sun. And they will have the power of several thousand regular people. Because of this, it is said that only twelve such master are needed to completely transform the world. They must do that along with the help of Go, of course.

I don’t know how many people are currently at that highest state of spiritual development, but we can all help. Even if our intentional and well-aimed thoughts only have one tenth the power of a spiritual master. If thousands of us send the same thoughts on a regular basis, they can also result in that transformation. We don’t have to actually see the future, we can help create it.