“The nature, at once divisible and indivisible, which we affirm to be soul has not the unity of an extended thing: it does not consist of separate sections; its divisibility lies in its presence at every point of the recipient, but it is indivisible as dwelling entire in the total and entire in any part.
“To have penetrated this idea is to know the greatness of the soul and its power, the divinity and wonder of its being, as a nature transcending the sphere of Things. Itself devoid of mass, it is present to all mass. It is here and yet is There, … thus it is ‘parted and not parted,’ or, better, it has never known partition.” ~Plotinus

The Nature of Soul

The first thing we need to understand is that there are two souls. One is generally called the mundane soul, and is directly connected to the body and mind. This soul is affected by emotions, by thoughts, and by the world around it. When a spiritual person says someone has an evil soul, or a rotten soul, this is the soul they are talking about.

The other soul, the Divine Soul, is pure spirit. This soul is not corrupted by matter or the things that happen in the world of matter. It can, however, hide from it. While we may not be harmed by seeing people being murdered, still we may not want to see such things and turn away. The Divine Soul is much like that. It is not actually harmed by the evil in the material world, but it can be abhorred by it and look away, in a sense.

When we are born on the material plan, the Divine Soul is in a dormant state, mainly for its own protection. Only when we have reached a state of awareness and consciousness where we feel the need to awaken it can we do so. Once the Divine Soul is awakened, it becomes aware of the world it finds itself in.

Indivisible Soul

The only soul that could be considered an indivisible soul is the Divine Soul. The mundane soul is divisible, is individual by nature. The Divine Soul is not. But it may seem as if it is an individual soul if you don’t understand its nature.

Science has discovered is recent years that in some cases what seemed to be many individual lifeforms were actually just one. One such type of being is a mushroom. While it may appear on first glance that a field is full of thousands of tiny mushrooms, they have found that below the ground there is one massive fungus that all these mushrooms are sticking out of like needles stinking out of a porcupine. Another is a tree where it was found that what appeared to be a large grove of many individual trees is really just one massive tree that sends up shoots every few feet from a single root system.

The indivisible soul is like those plants. While the divine soul within us may seem to be individual, it is really just a small part of a much greater being. We do not carry around with us souls that are truly individuals, but souls that are branches of one Great Soul.

Why an Indivisible Soul

If that doesn’t make sense to you, think about this. The Divine Soul is spirit and therefore occupies all space and time equally. That means that not only is my soul occupying the same space as my physical body, so is everyone else’s soul. This can only make sense if what we thing of as our own soul is really just a part of the indivisible soul.

It is necessary sometimes to ask as if our Divine Soul is separate from other souls. When it come to developing our spiritual side, we cannot sit back and say we will just wait for others to develop the indivisible soul for us. If we do that, we will be like the leaf on a tree that dries up and dies when it is constantly in the shade. While the tree can live just fine without some of its leaves, the leaves cannot live without the tree. When a leaf contributes nothing to the tree, it is cut off from the tree. When a person refuses to develop his piece of the indivisible soul, it will be taken from him.