“What is the internal state of the Sun – a profound philosophy. Some say that it is liquid, some say solid. It may be that one or the other is true. But of the light which descends, we already have a real conception, because we see that, which comes down from the Sun and reveals before our eyes the whole Earth with all the objects upon her. This Light is Spirit, which comes down from the Sun and has direct contact with our life. To this Sun we can also liken the Spirit. He will not descend any other way, for if he descends, He will melt, like the Sun, everything we see around us, everything will become dust and ashes, or it will be turned into a gaseous state. … This is why God does not want to come down to us but sends his Spirit – the light. This Spirit, this creative capacity, is exactly what builds within us. Everything we have, we owe to Him.” ~Biensa Douno

Internal Sun

Many people are not aware of it, but there is a great debate going on about the nature of the physical sun. It is not whether it is liquid or solid that they argue about nowadays. It is whether the nature of the sun is atomic or electric. While the atomic theory is accepted by most of science, there is a growing minority who believe the sun is electrical in nature, like a giant ball lightning.

While this is all interesting and important for the physical sciences, it really doesn’t matter much for the spiritual side. Regardless of what the physical sun is, we know that the spiritual Sun is spirit and Light. The Light that comes from God. The Light is the true image of God. This spiritual Light is what the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and other turned to for a spiritual awakening. So while a spirit doesn’t exist in a place like a physical thing, we might say that what is truly “inside” the physical sun is the spiritual Sun.

Another Kind of Internal Sun

The Hermetic “As above, so below,” applies well when talking about the sun. Just as we have the outer sun to turn to, we also have internal “suns” within our own body and spirit. We call them energy centers, but they are better known as chakras. Like the sun in the sky, these inner suns have both a physical and a spiritual nature. The physical side helps maintain energy flow in the body and keep our internal organs functioning. The spiritual counterpart links the body and mind to the realms of spirit and brings spiritual energy into us. We can strengthen them by thinking of them as miniature suns participating in that universal energy exchange with the Sun and all the stars.

God Doesn’t Descend

Douno says that God does not come down to our level, our dimension, because it would burn up our world. That is true if God remained His true Self. The only way he could descend into a material world is to become material. This He cannot do as it would destroy everything. Instead he sends representatives as Christs like Jesus and Buddha. He also sends His redeeming Light to us through the spiritual sun and the internal sun. And as this Light of the internal sun continues to grow brighter, the material realm will gradually change back into spirit. We can choose to change with it or die when the worlds of matter are no more.