“Involution is turning away from God, and evolution is returning to God. Involution is leaving home and going to work Evolution is returning home from work with the experience that one has acquired. Moving down means moving into darkness climbing up is rising toward the Light.

“The story of the fall of man into error is one of the greatest mysteries of life. The story has a symbolic bearing upon the issue of involution. It concerns the time when man was with God and dwelt among the angels. …

“For as long as you were outside the material world, you were idealists: you strived toward God and desired to sacrifice, to share everything. Nevertheless, when you descended into the material world, you forgot everything. In the process of descending, you lost something.” ~Biensa Douno

Devolution, Involution and Evolution

Douno chose to use the word “involution” rather than “Devolution” to describe the great fall and the opposite of evolution. An interesting choice.

Involution is defined as: the act or instance of enfolding or entangling. An inward curvature or penetration, a shrinking or returning to a former size. From the first part of that definition, we can see that an entangling, or attachment, with mater causes one to descend into matter. The inward curvature part is here we began to trust our individual self rather than God and the angels. And descending into matter is certainly a shrinking from what we were as pure spirits. Nevertheless, I think it is cleared to most to call this activity “devolution”. We love to think we are evolving, but when we sink deeper and deeper into matter, we are actually devolving.

Returning to God

There are some complicated ideas on what constitutes evolution on the material plane. Obviously, every change, every mutation cannot be considered evolution. Most scientists say that if it improves the species, it is evolution. But what seems to be an improvement on the level of matter is often devolution on the spiritual level. Douno says evolution is returning to God. That simple definition says it all. As long as the change is moving us back to God and the realms of spirit and Light, it is evolution. No matter how useful it may seem, movement in the opposite direction is devolution (or involution).

Fall into Error

It seems like Douno has some things backwards when he refers to the Great Fall as “the fall of man into error,” but he doesn’t. Yes, error had to happen first to cause the fall. Yet the world of matter that we “fell” into is a world of error. It is not a creation of God, and is therefore flawed.

Death, disease, wars, greed, hatred, natural disasters, are all errors, flaws. A world of God cannot have such things. Only a fallen world of Satan or the Demiurge can have such error. So the error that caused the fall also caused us to fall into a land of error. Sadly, many have become so lost, they don’t recognize it as a world of error. Involution caused the fall into this realm. Continued involution (or devolution) keeps it going. It is up to us to turn around and go back in the other direction.


Douno is probably correct in saying that before the fall we were idealists. We wanted the best for ourselves and for others. Not the best in terms of possessions like greedy materialist, but the best in terms of the levels of consciousness reached and out closeness to God.

Douno also says that when we were idealists, we were happy to sacrifice. This does not mean killing innocent animals, or even plants, on a sacrificial order. It means using our limited free will to serve God rather than our own selfish desires. That is the only sacrifice that means anything to God.