“…in the ancient Indian culture, as in so many cultures of recorded history, sages had visions of a future age, an age when the Supreme Creator would intervene in world affairs and bring peace and harmony among all peoples and all nations of the world. This age was to be one of Universal Justice and Virtue when God would end the eternal struggle caused by human and natural order; He would use the very Powers of Creation to stabilize the Universe – an event described in the liturgical symbolism of Indian religion.”

Prophecy of the Universal Theocracy

From April 22 to May 20 of this year, the Right Reverend Gene Savoy, Jr., President of Cosolargy International and Head Bishop of the International Community of Christ,  traveled to the Indian subcontinent with two companions. His mission was to introduce into the Vedic tradition the universal System of Cosolargy, an ancient system of spiritual regeneration adapted for use in modern times which teaches one how to bring to life dormant or latent spiritual attributes by means of cosmic solar energy. Cosolargy advances the art and science of mystic methods of transcendence via solar eye absorption employing techniques by which the individual can be transformed into an awakened soul.

In addition to touring southern, central and northern India and visiting numerous ancient solar sites, temples and healing shrines, Bishop Savoy met with Swami Sri Atmananda, the founder and leader of the Satya-chetana Movement, which has recently been collaborating with Cosolargy International (see posting SatyaChetana) to facilitate the spiritual transformation of the world in this crucially cosmic era. Bishop Savoy and Swami Atmananda  were in discussion for two days at the Satya-chetana Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, where they also shared in a special sunrise service together.

On May 10, the Head Bishop had an audience with His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, the Black Hat Lama of Tibet and spiritual head of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, in Dharamsala and presented him with gifts including the sacred texts, Jamil, Child of Light – Messenger of God and Prophecy of the Universal Theocracy. ( see posting Meeting with Karmapa) This scripture forms a portion of The Sacred Teachings of Light which treat on the New Light of God that is permeating the Universe and bringing forth heightened levels of spiritual Consciousness by means of the Sun of Righteousness – enhanced energy levels which have never before been experienced by the human family.

Traveling with Bishop Savoy were the Reverend Dr. Bill Bartlett, a Pureland Buddhist priest and an ordained minister of the International Community of Christ, and the Reverend Robert Roy, also an ordained minister with the International Community of Christ. All three are practicing Cosolargists.