“O splendor of God! By means of which I saw
The lofty triumph of the realm veracious,
Give me the power to say how it I saw!
There is a light above, which visible
Makes the creator unto every creature,
Who only in beholding Him has peace,
And it expands itself in circular form
To such extent, that its circumference
Would be too large a girdle for the sun.
The semblance of it is all made of rays
Reflected from the top of Primal Motion,
Which takes therefrom vitality and power.
And as a hill in water at its base
Mirrors itself, as if to see its beauty
When affluent most in verdure and in flowers,

My vision in the vastness and the height
Lost not itself, but comprehended all
The quantity and quality of that gladness.” ~Dante

The Great Light Above

There is a great light above, just as Dante said. In this case, “above” has two meanings, and both are correct. On the physical level, the great light above is the sun. It is great if you think about it.

People talk about global warming and how man’s activities are causing the planet to get hotter. They forget sometimes that it is the sun which is providing most of our heat. The sun provides many other types of radiation as well,including visible light.

On a spiritual level, the Light Above is spiritual light which is “above” in the sense of coming from higher dimensions. This spiritual light is necessary for the spirit and soul to grow and thrive. This light also comes to us primarily from the sun, but the spiritual sun rather than the physical.

The Light Above Expands Itself

Just as the physical universe is expanding, so is the spiritual, but in a different way. The physical universe expands in space as that is its realm. And most scientists believe it will continue to expand forever.

Since spirit exists beyond space and time, it cannot expand in the same way. It is like the old saying that its center is everywhere and its circumference nowhere. But I think what Dante and others mean when they say the spiritual Light continue to expand, is that this light continues to penetrate into the physical dimensions slowly changing them back into spirit.

The Top of Primal Motion

When Dante says this great light above is reflected from “the top of Primal Motion,” he means that it comes from the ultimate source, which is God. From the highest dimension of reality called the Godhead, this light descends downward all the way to the lowest dimension.

While this light is beyond time and space, the lower dimensions are not. Therefore, as it passes through and influences the lower dimensions, the great light must obey the laws of those physical realms. Therefore, it takes some time for it to completely saturate the physical worlds and change them. This process can be aided by spiritual people who know enough to try to pull more of that light down to them. It can also be impeded by demons and forces that want the material world to stay material.

Mirrors Itself

Dante says that in his vision, this light above mirrors itself on the lower levels that it penetrates. What he is saying is that this light creates miniatures of itself by awakening within us the spirit and soul that come from that place “above” that we generally call heaven. When our spirit and soul is filled with this light from above, we reflect that light into the world, into plants and animals, and into other people. In that way, we help spread the light and bring about the end of darkness. That is a good thing and more of us need to be making that effort.