The following post and response appeared on an Internet Group site in late June 2016:


What is the current opinion on the manifestation of the second sun, a sun in the infrared spectrum which would appear if in the presence of its younger brother? (sound familiar?) And if it is to be attributed to a spiritual state, which makes sense, does it still not have a physical aspect to consider? Please skip telling me it isn’t there. I know how to check for the proximity of planets. I know what lens flares look like. I don’t believe a second sun poses any doomsday scenarios. I’ve just seen it, and – not surprisingly – anticipated its arrival. Beginning in the year 2000.

My instincts tell me regarding the sun, is that the appearance of the second sun is a beautiful, majestic beginning to a time when we live in harmony with our nature. As above so below. And as with anything, with its physical and spiritual manifestations.

I’ve been part of a data team up lately, and through national networking appearances of the second sun. It has been exciting in that it is like being a part of manifesting beauty on a colossal scale.

This is offered in peace. I am asking those who have thought about it in this way, not as a threat, not as a doomsday thang. But as an inner observer would. Thanks for reading.


Sri Aurobindo referred an experience which he calls “The conquest or recovery of the Lost Sun.”1

The rishis of the Vedas were solar adepts. All of the characters in the Veda’s are different aspects of the Sun that are subtle, or hidden, to the novice who looks upon the sun. As one progresses, these aspects become more discernible. At first one begins to interpret their temperament by sense of ‘feelings’ and as these feelings meticulously blossom, the aspects or solar archetypes take on more detail. Eventually, each come to represent a particular energy that has cognizant intelligence.

In the Vedas, the Horse symbolizes a “driving force”. It is assertiveness. Direct and straight forward power. Fearlessness that is single minded. Decisive without waver. That which can overcome all barriers. It is the spirit of triumph. Some of us may have felt the effects of this aspect to a certain degree as a result of practicing sungazing.

The Cow is the rays of the Sun. The Cow offers milk to the young calf.

The calf lowed and looked for the many-colored cow on the three stages of the journey. The cow has lowed at her blinking calf, snuffing at his head to make him low. Longing for his warm mouth, she lows and swells with milk.” 2 This is the archetype of all nurturing and gives birth to all forms that express this quality. It is Comfort. It is Empathy. It is Compassion. It is the zeal that ignites growth. It is the substance that fosters gratitude.

There is also the Hidden Cow. The hidden cow resides in the Hidden Rays of the Sun. It is by the hidden Rays of the Sun that one journeys to the Lost Sun. It is said, that if one is able to pierce the veil of the physical sun and embrace the Sun behind the sun, therein lies the eternal Worlds of Light. It is also said that if mankind was to set his heart to this task (sungazing), a Second Sun would appear to heal the ills of Earth.

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