“The first sign of a man manifesting Love is his inner peace. At the same time, he also has an aspiration toward the limitless, toward the lofty. To the one who loves a lot, a lot is given. To the one who loves a little, a little is given. … To love all, this is for the advanced souls. …
“Those who commit crimes do not have a comprehension of Love. As soon as you come to know Love, crime and sin will cease. Until you come to know it, you will be making mistakes. … The one who loves, no one can tempt him. A man of Divine Love, this is the nicest and the most beautiful thing we can meet.
“Love begins with the awakening of the consciousness. Love and don’t be afraid. … Love does not tolerate any fear.” ~Biensa Douno

Manifesting Love

The first thing that has to be understood is that the Love Douno is referring to is not the ordinary love all of us have. We can love our jobs, but we probably don’t Love them. We can love ice cream, but we can’t Love it. There is a difference between this Divine love, and everyday love.

When one has this Divine Love, he does aspire toward the limitless, toward the lofty. But I think Douno is stating this backwards to some extent. It is not the development of Divine Love that makes us seek to develop our spiritual faculties. It is the development of our spiritual faculties that brings us Divine Love. In most cases, though, it isn’t that you develop one completely, then the other. You get a little awakened, and a little Divine Love. Then a little more enlightened, and a little more Loving. Up to a point, they develop side-by-side.

Crime and Manifesting Love

Douno says that one who is manifesting Love cannot commit crime, cannot sin. That is true, but needs to be explained. Not all law is the same. At the highest level is God’s Law, and one who has manifested Love would never knowingly violate God’s Law. Below that is Nature’s Law. Since Nature’s Law is mostly God’s Law brought down to the level of matter, the spiritual adept manifesting love would not violate those laws either. He would work with Nature rather than trying to conquer Nature.

Finally, we get to Man’s Law. Initially, all civilizations develop laws that closely match the laws of God. Murder, rape, theft, and so on are just as much against the laws of God as they are against the laws of man. But man’s law rarely, if ever, stops there. We get despots who declare their birthday a legal holiday that must be celebrated. We get politicians who pass laws that favor their friends while harming others, or the environment. In short, man passes many laws that not only do not match the Laws of God, but oppose them. In such cases, the spiritually enlightened, the one manifesting Love, cannot obey such laws, but must seek to change them.

Don’t Be Afraid

Some have the idea that spiritual people should not get involved at all in Earthly matters such as law and politics. It is such attitudes that allow despots and dictators to thrive. While spiritual people should limit there involvement in politics, they need not avoid it entirely. And they certainly should not sit back and let a despot take away the rights of people to develop their spiritual self. In such case, even spiritual people must resist. They must do so without resorting to violence, but they must resist.

The forces of darkness seek to take over the world and it is only the spiritual people, with the help of God and the Angels, who can stop it. Because we have been given, to some degree, free choice, God and the Angels will not save us from the dark ones if we don’t help to save ourselves. You don’t get big muscles by watching sports on TV and you don’t get an enlightened planet full of those with Divine Love by sitting back and waiting for it to happen. Start awakening yourself and manifest Love yourself, then the powers of Light will come to your aid.