“Apoleius said when describing his initiation (vide ante): ‘At midnight I saw the the sun shining with a splendid light.’ The midnight sun was also part of the mystery of alchemy. It symbolizes the spirit of man shining through the darkness of his human organisms. It also referred to the spiritual sun of the solar system, which the mystic could see as well at midnight as at high noon, the material earth being powerless to obstruct the rays of the Divine orb. The mysterious lights which illuminated the temples of the Egyptian Mysteries during the nocturnal hours were said by some to be reflections of the spiritual sun gathered by the magical powers of the priests.” ~Manly P Hall

By Harold Boulette
The Midnight Sun

When mystics spoke of the midnight sun, they were not speaking of those periods when the physical sun shines at midnight in areas of the Arctic Circle. The were referring to the spiritual sun which shines down on us at midnight just as much as it does at noon, on cloudy days as well as clear ones. It is convenient to relate the spiritual sun to the physical, just as we relate our spirit and soul to our physical bodies, but it isn’t entirely true. Yes, the spiritual sun is in the same location as the physical sun, but being a spirit, it is nor limited to that location. A spirit, having no connection to the space-time limitations of matter at all, is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. So it is shining down on us at midnight and any other time of the day or night.

Spirit and Matter

The brief quote above has quite a bit of information in it. In addition to that about the midnight sun, the Spiritual Sun, it also says that this midnight sun represented the human spirit shining through the darkness of the body of matter. Many people don’t see the body as particularly dark, but in this case, darkness means separation from God and from Hid Great Light. The primary source of that Light coming to Earth is the spiritual sun (or Sun of Righteousness), which is why it is important for us to know what the references to a midnight sun really mean.

Temple Lights

The mysterious lights in those ancient Egyptian temples did represent the spiritual sun. Whether they actually reflected the midnight sun or just symbolized it is not clear, but it really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that those lights reminded the initiates that the spiritual sun is where they needed to turn to awaken and grow their innate spiritual faculties, and that could be done twenty-four/seven. Even today, the eternal lights found in many churches and temples are copied from that ancient concept of the constant presence of the midnight sun of spirit. Even if the churches thing it means something else (the presence of Christ, the presence of God, etc.), the idea was copied from those ancient temples and mystery schools where it represented the spiritual sun.

Magical Priests

Mr. Hall says that, according to some, this reflection of the midnight sun was brought into the temples by the “magical power of the priests”. That may be true, because real priests often do have some powers that many would consider magical, but do not confuse this with the sorcery of a Satanist, or the trickery of a stage magician. What Mr. Hall is talking about is a spiritual power, a spiritual energy, taken in by the priests or initiates, and used to do good in the world like healing disease and ending wars. It was not used for evil things, even materialistic ones, but only to help people grow spiritually and become aware of the midnight sun and the need to gather energy from that spiritual sun.