Who will release me from the pits and prisons of assembled lusts that I loathe? Who will take me over the flooded sea, the mouths of conflict that give no rest? Who will save me from the jaws of pitiless beasts who destroy and terrify?1 Who will lead me beyond the walls and over the moats that boil with fear and trembling from ravaging demons?2 Who will take me beyond rebirths, and free me from the waves which give no peace? I weep for my soul, saying, may I be saved from this, from grotesque beasts which eat each other? The human body, birds of the air, fish of the ocean, quadrupeds and insects, who will take me beyond them? Who will save me so I won’t turn and plunge into those hells3, so I wont live in their muck or suffer rebirth devoid of living plants? …


And while I wept on the ground, I heard the voice of the beneficent King.


I shall save you from the powers of revolution who terrify. I will release you from the deception, a filed of turbulence, and the torment of death. I will end the forces that destroy. I will ban sickness, which has dismayed you, and death. … I will take you eagerly, and we’ll soar on wings high over dark powers and recalcitrant princes. I will take you into the primeval calm of new land, the new paradise, and will show you the design of the Father’s Being. You will know joy and praise, go beyond pain, and in luminous dress you will gird on light. On your head is the diadem of authority.

Spirit spoke and built on that structure the vast fortress of the noble emperor. The primeval firstborn4 merits a palace as his dominion. The first human clothes himself in gladness and binds on the diadem of sovereignty. … And those faithful elect he clothes in praise, binds the diadem on them. They reign happily as once they were in shackles5 just for their name and were horribly punished by enemies. …

On that day when the Father reveals His form, the caring Father, lord of the aeons of Light, He will show His illuminates shape. It’s a glorious bright form to all the gods who will live there.

Excerpt from Huyadagman, a Manichaean song.


1He is talking about the trials and tribulations of life in the world of matter.

2The things that keep us trapped here; in prisons, so to speak.

3Getting trapped in the prisons of materialism.

4The self that existed before The Fall.

5The “shackles” of the illusions and lies of matter.