“The most valuable treasure one may have is the Knowledge, Wisdom , and Love he has. The teacher is for this: to deliver knowledge to the student. The students task in return is to apply it.

“Many blame God why is he not helping them? God helps those who do their best, Help yourself in order for God to help you as well.

“Not to pay what you owe means you have no belief. Later you will pay everything with interest.

“The thought of a man has a transforming power. The good, right, nice thought can transform your desperation into a quiet and pleasant condition. The thought of a man is a magic wand with which you can create miracles.” ~Biensa Douno

Real Treasure

Many things in the material world are considered treasures. Money, gold, luxuries of all sorts. Yet look at those who have such things. Are they better people than the rest of us? Are they more advanced than the rest of us? The answer to both questions is no, they are not.

A real treasure is something that truly benefits us. Real treasure helps us grow spiritually. It isn’t something we lose when we leave the physical world. Knowledge, wisdom, truth, love are real treasures.

Treasure of Knowledge

We can divide knowledge into two categories. There is knowledge of worldly things and knowledge of spiritual things. While spiritual knowledge is the moat important of the two, both are useful.

In the dog-eat-dog physical world, knowledge of how things happen, how to care for your body and mind, are important. The physical realm has certain rules. While there are some to try to deny or ignore them, they remain in effect for all. One of them is that we have to work for what we get. But if you want to get a good job, you need knowledge of the job. Another is that we have to obey the laws of nature. Obviously, we have to know what they are if we are going to obey them. We have to know what to eat and when. It would also be good if we know how to avoid injury and death. So knowledge on the physical level is important. Some foolish people, however, think that is the only knowledge that matters. They are wrong.

Spiritual knowledge is more important than knowledge of the physical world. That is because the spirit and soul are eternal, the physical body isn’t. But spiritual knowledge—real spiritual knowledge—is harder to get than material knowledge. That is because it isn’t found in books, YouTube videos, or podcasts. There might be a little basic spiritual knowledge and advice found in such media, but the more advanced kind must be obtained by each individual for himself. This require awakening our spiritual facilities using the Divine Light that comes to us through the spiritual sun.

Treasure of Wisdom

Wisdom is another real treasure according to Douno. I have to agree with him. Wisdom is knowing how to use what knowledge you have sensibly. Knowledge, especially on the physical level, can get us into trouble if we don’t know how to use it wisely.

A good example of this can be found in the area of environmentalism. Back in the 1970’s, they were telling us we needed to stop using paper bags because it was destroying the rain forests. They had some knowledge, but not the wisdom to go with it. They were not wise enough to tell us what to use as a substitute. They seemed to be perfectly happy with having stores switch from paper bags to plastic. Now we know that was a big mistake. A true case of jumping from the pan into the fire. If those environmentalists had wisdom to go with their knowledge, they would have been able to look ahead and see what a mess it would cause to switch to plastic.

As with knowledge, the real treasure of wisdom is found in spiritual wisdom. Like spiritual knowledge, it comes to those who seek it and take in spiritual light to awaken and strengthen their spiritual faculties.

Treasure of Love

Love is also a real treasure. Some might not agree with that because there are different ideas of what love is. So for our purposes, we will limit it to saying that love is the recognition that we are all one, all part of the All. When you see others as if they are extensions of yourself, you can’t help but love them. That kind of love also comes from awakening the spirit and soul.