“Here, you are the architect of your future abode; the plans prepared here are carried out in another place. Earth is the place of sowing. Heaven is the place of reaping.
“Here you are the sculptor, who chisels the statue; the potter who fashions the pot; the woodworker who carves the pillar. What is there on Earth more deserving of your care and attention than your own future form and appearance?
“Do you recklessly hew or willfully cut? … What manner of things are you fashioning in this great workshop? A beauteous being, arrayed in radiant splendor, or a hideously foul fiend, which can do naught but squirm in the slime of its fitting abode?” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:25:56-59)

Sculptor of Yourself

It is easy to blame others for our problems. We are, sadly, dealing right now with a president elect in the United States who does it on a daily basis and then encourages others to do the same. It is no wonder the lazy and foolish love him.

While it is certainly true that other people have an effect on us—our parents, our teachers, our siblings, and more—there is only one person on Earth who is ultimately responsible for what we are, and that is ourselves. It is ultimately us because once we are old enough to understand, we must choose who to listen to and who to ignore, who to seek out as a teachers, and who’s teachings to push aside. Nobody else can do that for us.

Potter of Yourself

It is also human nature to try to keep our life as simple and easy and possible and we can all understand someone doing that. But those who achieve greatness in life take a different path.

No matter how well the potter fashions the clay pot, it will nonetheless fall apart if it is not fired in the kiln at sufficient temperature and for sufficient time and it becomes hard and strong. The lump of coal becomes a diamond only under great pressure and heat.

I am writing this in the middle of the Olympics in Rio. We all admire the athletes competing there. One thing that makes those young people different from others is that while other kids are watching TV, playing video games, or hunting down Pokemon, they are practicing six hours a day in the pool, or on the court, or running for miles until they collapse. They don’t just let life happen to them, they make it happen the way they want it to. Thy don’t hide from the fire, they let it make them hard and strong.

Carving Yourself Spiritually

While you can’t quite shape your spirit and soul in the same way you can shape the body with exercise and good eating habits (I recommend lots of organic fruits and veggies), we do have far more control of this aspect of our complete self than we have been led to believe.

For starters, most modern churches teach us that the spirit and soul is just there. We have no say over it and no control over them. This is not true. We come into the physical world with these spiritual faculties dormant. It is as if they are in a deep coma. It is our responsibility to awaken them. Not that we can do it ourselves, but we are responsible for taking the necessary steps that permit it to happen. And once these spiritual faculties have been awakened, it is our responsibility to continue to develop them. This we do primarily through regular exposure to the Divine Light of the Spiritual Sun.

We do get assistance from spiritual teachers, spiritual beings such as Angels, and God Himself, but we have to start the process and continue it. Those spiritual powers can’t do it for us. Jesus never claimed that He had “saved” us. What He said is that we would be saved if we did the things that He did and taught his apostles to do.

So go forth and sculpt yourself, and make it the best You that you can be.

Illustration: Photo of sculpture “Creation of Self” by Ian Edwards