Why We Need a Spiritual Leadership School

In any field, there must be pioneers to get things started and leaders to keep things going. Too often people don’t think about this.

Business Failures

I read some years ago that the most common reason why small businesses fail within a few months of starting is that too many people think that because they have a skill, they can run a business that involves that skill. They think that because they can bake good cakes, they can run a bakery. They think because they are good at doing their workout regularly, they can run a fitness center. But running a business is not the same. In fact, someone who has taken classes in business management is more likely to succeed at running a business than one who hasn’t, even if that person has no great skill in the products or services offered by the business. The same holds true for spiritual development and spiritual schools.

Leadership Skills

The skills needed by spiritual leaders are not much different from those desirable for leaders in any field. According to an article on the website the balance careers, there are ten primary skills needed. Those skills are:

  • Communication – with employees and customers
  • Motivation – inspire workers and partners
  • Delegation – you need to be able to get people to work as a team
  • Positive- a positive attitude makes people want to be there
  • Trustworthy- If employees don’t feel they can trust you, they won’t listen to you
  • Creative – you must show it if you expect it of others
  • Feedback- listen to what others say, and give them feedback on their ideas and accomplishments
  • Responsibility – a leader must accept responsibility
  • Commitment – When you promise to do something, you must do it
  • Flexibility – you can’t learn and grow if you lack flexibility

I have abbreviated the details of the list quite a lot. If you are really interested, click the link to read the complete article.

Spiritual Leadership Skills

Spiritual leadership is very similar, but with some differences in emphasis.

  • Communication – you not only need to communicate with others in your spiritual community, and with other interested parties, but also with higher beings such as angels and God.
  • Motivation – It is often difficult to get people to follow their spiritual development techniques regularly. You motivate them primarily by example. Being a good example is an important leadership skill, especially for spiritual leaders.
  • Delegation – In a very materialistic world, there is a great deal of work for spiritual people to do. You will soon be worn out if you can’t delegate some of that work to others, and do so in a way that they get it done.
  • Positive- a positive attitude makes people want to be there. But it also affects your use of spiritual development techniques. And if you are to be an example to others, you must engage in spiritual activities with positive joy and energy.
  • Trustworthy- You are telling people how to develop their immortal spirit and soul. If they can’t trust you, they will question what you tell them and that can result in failure.
  • Creative – Clearly, spiritual people must be more creative than the average person who accepts anything a conventional religious preacher tells them, or denies the spiritual entirely and embraces materialism. Accepting the spiritual with little hard evidence, in the beginning, takes creativity, and spiritual leaders must exercise creativity so they can inspire it in others.
  • Feedback- This is much the same as with all leaders, but like communication, it also involves beings and forces at a purely spiritual level.
  • Responsibility – a spiritual leader must accept responsibility for helping others save their immortal souls. That is a great responsibility that not many are up to.
  • Commitment – When you promise to do something, you must do it. Little change here.
  • Flexibility – you can’t learn and grow if you lack flexibility. This is even more true for spiritual leaders. The real spiritual words are so much different than what most of us have been taught that we must clean away all false beliefs and develop a truly open mind if we are to grasp it. We must be able to do that if we are to help others do it. We also have to be flexible enough to deal with all kinds of people who come to spiritual schools and communities for many different reasons and with many different backgrounds.

So as you can see, leadership is just as important in the field of spiritual growth as it is in just about any other field. But most spiritual schools, books, and gurus don’t teach you to be a spiritual leader, just a spiritual person. Cosolargy is different.

Cosolargy Leadership

We operate as a community. It is a community with a hierarchy, but still a community. We help each other and give each other strength. This helps with several of those leadership traits, especially communication and delegation.

Cosolargy teaches that as we develop our own spiritual self, we are also required to help others do the same. This is part of responsibility and commitment. When you are committed to something, you want others to be just as committed. Advanced students mentor and tutor beginners to help them understand the lessons better. This is also a method of developing leadership skills.

Cosolargy leadership means that we will work with other spiritual groups, churches, and even governments to help them gradually become part of the dawning golden age os spirituality. We each use whatever talents we have to promote these leadership skills. Some give talks, some write, other paint, and so on. This is one way to give feedback.

We are taught to be flexible in several ways. First, we are taught to be open-minded and not cling to unproven beliefs. Instead, we seek proof and true spiritual knowledge through experience and experimentation. We are guided, but not led around like sheep, but are simply pointed in the right direction. As a result, we develop strong personalities that are necessary for leaders. And we are creative in many ways including some already mentioned. In fact, we are more creative than most because awakening our spiritual faculties is awakening a great creative power.