The Meaning of Spiritual Transformation

The aim of the System of techniques in our Church and Order is, as I keep reiterating, the transformation of humans to higher beings in contact with universal
powers by means of higher states of Consciousness.
” Gene Savoy, Sr (Theological lecture)

There are many kinds of transformation. We see it all the time, though we may not think of it as such. When a child grows into an adult, that is a transformation. When a frog egg becomes a pollywog, then a frog, that is transformation. Even when an artist takes a block of stone and carves a statue from it, that is a type of transformation for the rock. But our concern here is for human transformation of the spiritual kind, and along with it, the spiritual transformation of the world, for the two must happen together. This transformation of Man and the world is what Cosolargy is all about.

The System of Cosolargy. It is a religious Process of psychic and spiritual transformation with all the benefits of psychic healing and immunity to psychic diseases that are the result of psychic tension. What we are attempting is far ahead of what anyone else is doing in the area of psychiatry or medicine or psychology. Indeed we are perhaps twenty to fifty years, or maybe even a hundred years, ahead of the world in matters of methodology dealing with the psyche.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Theological lecture)

So spiritual transformation means turning away from materialism and developing the spiritual faculties that lie dormant in all of us. Real spiritual transformation is not just a new way of thinking, but a fundamental change of our entire being on all levels.

And I say this because liturgics will enable you to bring about, and to maintain, this transformation of yourself from an ordinary, or average, unenlightened person to one that is spiritually developed, one learned and knowledgeable in the workings of the cosmos and [knowledgeable] of your reaction to the supernatural Laws of the universe and of creation in general, and how the individual can employ them for, and how you can employ them for a state of transmutation.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Theology lesson book 1-7)

Human Spiritual Transformation in Ancient Mystery Schools

God is bestowing upon all mankind the energy and force given unto former Prophets such as Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Viracocha, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and other Holy Men. It comes through the Sun of Righteousness… This energy and force, come from God directly, through the source of all life on the planet, can transform men by extending strength of being, wisdom, and a new body. And it can link men to a higher world wherein dwell the spirits of former Holy Men.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr ( Prophecy to the Americas)

The transformation of Man and the physical world was a part of the teachings of many ancient mystery schools, as well as the teachings of the Gnostics in many parts of the world. The basic idea was that Man had “fallen” or descended lower and lower into denser and denser matter. He needed to turn himself around and head back toward the spiritual or be trapped in matter forever. He needed to have a spiritual awakening.

Some might ask “What is so bad about being trapped in matter?” First, matter may sometimes last a long time, but it is always temporary. Only spirit is immortal and everlasting.

According to the School of Quetzalcoatl/Viracocha, it was taught and believed that it was necessary for matter to be saved by spirit, and by the same token that the spirit, which was occupying the flesh, or if you will, matter, was transformed into something else.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Theological lecture)

The School of Pythagoras

Pythagoras was teaching a harmony … through a sacred system of spiritual regeneration—the same System we teach and experience in Cosolargy. The enlightened person of the Pythagorean system learned how to transcend the Inferior World to the Superior World and thence to the Supreme World. And this was achieved by a transformation.” ~Gene Savoy, Jr. (Theological lecture)

The Greek school of Pythagoras was one of the great spiritual schools of that age. It was all about spiritual transformation. His school is considered the start of the great age of spiritual schools in Greece. Pythagoras was schooled in Egypt, so Egypt is another place where ancient schools of spiritual transformation existed. In truth, they were found all over the world. Many of them may be missing from the records of history, but they existed nonetheless.

Some of the teachings of Pythagoras include those on divine music, or the music of the spheres, and the use of geometric figures to help awaken the soul.

The Process of Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual transformation is a process. It isn’t something that happens overnight. A seed doesn’t become a tree the day after it is planted and watered. Spiritual growth is a process, a spiritual journey that takes years to complete. Just as that acorn doesn’t become a great oak tree in a few days, you cannot go from a basic human of matter to a fully transformed human in a week or two. You might have a spiritual awakening quickly, but an awakening is just the start of the spiritual journey.

Some schools define a specific step-by-step process for spiritual transformation; but we are all individuals, so the steps in the process will vary depending on our personal background. Of course it starts with recognizing the need to develop our spiritual side. The next major step is awakening our spiritual faculties. We must then lead a spiritual life and continue to develop those faculties much as a parent helps a child develop.

Transformation of the world must begin with people.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Theological lecture)

Spiritual transformation does not end with ourselves. The entire world, the entire universe of matter, must transform. But it must start with us. And as we transform, we must do what we can to help others transform. That may be done in many ways. We might become spiritual teachers. We might write spiritual books. As we gradually realize our higher self, we are better equipped to help others develop.

The Age of Christ will be released by the help of the pre-existent incarnated in this world as servants of God who will save this world by assisting in the transformation and the restoration of this world to Light.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr.

The ultimate goal of spiritual transformation is achieving the highest level of consciousness known as Christ Consciousness or Universal Consciousness. It is also the level where we achieve true Gnosis, which is full knowledge of ourselves and the universe. It brings us a kind of well-being and wholeness beyond any knowledge of the physical world or any intellectual knowledge. So join us in Cosolargy and transform yourself and the world.