Spiritual Wellness in a Materialistic World

When I started searching online for articles on spiritual wellness, I was struck by the fact that most of them are found on sites belonging to universities. Not spiritual or mystical universities, but secular universities that are very much a part of the materialistic world and its continued promotion. To me, getting spiritual wellness advice from such a source is akin to getting advice on solar power from a coal miner.

When I searched the writings of Gene Savoy, Sr., I found that he didn’t use the expression “spiritual wellness”; but he did talk about spiritual health, which is the same thing. Unlike the modern use of the word “health” to mean treatments for diseases, Savoy meant it in the way we now mean “wellness”.

What is Spiritual Wellness?

According to one article on spiritual wellness, the Laborer’s Health and Safety Fund of North America offers this definition of spiritual wellness:

Spiritual wellness is being connected to something greater than yourself and having a set of values, principles, morals and beliefs that provide a sense of purpose and meaning to life, then using those principles to guide your actions.”

That is a simple definition. Perhaps too simple and too general. Something greater than yourself could mean almost anything. A group that believes they are descendants of aliens from another planet and expect those aliens to return and claim them are meeting that definition, but they are not being spiritual. Likewise, having a sense of purpose and meaning isn’t necessarily spiritual. A desire to be the wealthiest person in the world is a sense of purpose, but it isn’t spiritual.

Spiritual Wellness in Cosolargy

We know that this True Eucharist of God, His Light, restores one to life, nourishes the soul, or gives birth to the soul, and can assist the body, giving health and allowing one to come into contact with God’s Heavenly Worlds.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Second Advent Theology II, Lecture 11)

So in Cosolargy, spiritual wellness is about the health of the soul. It is all about awakening, nourishing, and developing the soul. It is about developing your spiritual core by following spiritual traditions. This does connect you to something greater, but not just anything greater. It connects you to other souls and Light Beings. It does give you values, principles, and morals; but they do not come from the minds of men, but from your soul’s link to other Light Beings including God. They come from the great well of spiritual knowledge and truth that the Gnostics called Gnosis. A healthy soul may improve the health of the body and mind, but that’s a bonus. The purpose of spiritual wellness is to have a healthy and developed soul. That is real spiritual health. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about the body or our mental health. We need to keep those parts of our being healthy also for overall wellness. Health promotion means promoting health for all parts of our being.

Spiritual Wellness and Religion

We know that the Essenes were able to heal both mind-and-body and spirit. But there is no physician capable of maintaining the permanent health of the mind and the body, because the body, like the mind, must eventually perish. It is the healing of the spirit that is of paramount importance to the spiritual physician.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Second Advent Theology II, Lecture 11)

It is a sad fact that few organized religions or churches today are doing much of anything to aid the spiritual wellness of their congregation. This has resulted in many spiritual students, and even some spiritual schools, becoming anti-religion. We in Cosolargy don’t think that spirituality has to be separate from religion. We can be religious and still be spiritual. We can develop spiritual wellness and still practice a religion. Cosolargy is both a religion and a spiritual school teaching spiritual wellness, yet you can practice Cosolargy without giving up any other religion you belong to. You can have a spiritual life and a religious life.

Happiness and Well-Being

The happiness of man depended upon the condition of the soul, not the body.
Happiness was not based on health or strength or wealth or beauty unless a person knew
how to use them properly. To use them in an improper way brought misery.”
~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Second Advent Theology)

Many people today seem to think that learning to be spiritual is all about being happy. That is not really the goal of spiritual development, but happiness and well-being are a part of spiritual development and are benefits of spiritual wellness. As noted in the above quote, however, true happiness comes from developing the soul. Health care today is all about the body and the mind; but the spirit is, in most cases, ignored. When it isn’t ignored, it is usually glossed over by telling people simply to meditate or repeat positive affirmations regularly and have a positive outlook. While those things may be helpful, they will have a very limited effect on the health of the soul. If the soul isn’t healthy, the overall health of the person suffers and spiritual wellness is limited, at best.

Spiritual Wellness In Community

And it is essential for all of you to acknowledge the importance of the field of the
Community, too, being influenced by both the sun and the individual. Now, this sounds a little strange, but it’s true. As the observer can affect the observed, meaning the sun, the observed, meaning the sun, can affect the observer. It’s a two-way flow, but remember that the individual living in Community is within the field of that Community, and that field is influenced by both the sun and the individual, and by the collection of individuals. And this fact is often overlooked by people, and because of this influence the Community is necessarily organized into a discipline of ethics and morals of conduct and attitude so as to maintain a healthy environment; for what affects one can affect all. And because we are dealing with things outside empirical disciplines of science, and we are dealing with cosmic- solar and spiritual energies and Intelligence Factors, we are necessarily religious; meaning we deal with things not part of the physical universe alone.”
~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Second Advent Theology)

Gene Savoy, Sr. taught that it was essential to practice spiritual development as part of the spiritual Community in order to maximize our spiritual-wellness and spiritual progress. That is because, as the quote indicates, the total field, or vibration level, of the Community has an effect on each person in the Community. That allows each of us to strengthen others in times of weakness. It gives us a way to better feel our connectedness to the All. It also contributes to the development of the kind of discipline and cooperation necessary for spiritual wellness. It helps us develop and maintain a set of values that assist our spiritual growth. When we are dealing with forces as great as the Spiritual Sun (or Sun of Righteousness) we need great strength and discipline also. Working within the Community gives us that.

The Path to Spiritual-Wellness

I emphasize that if you see that living a healthy life, eating good food, taking care of your body, doing your proper exercises, and so on, and providing yourself an income so that you can at least exist on a reasonable level, and that if you can now bring solar energy into your being to nurture your body and nurture your mind with Information Factors there and go on to develop Intellect and develop Spiritual Consciousness, you are involved in progressive evolution, progressive religion, and you are able to participate in an evolutionary-type species on all three levels.” ~Gene Savoy, Sr. (Second Advent Theology)

It is taught in Cosolargy that a major factor in spiritual wellness is taking in solar energy, especially the Light of the Spiritual Sun. This light does more than warm the body, or even the soul. It awakens our spiritual faculties that are dormant when we enter this world. Only by awakening those faculties can we become spiritually awake and have spiritual wellness. When we engage in spiritual practices involving the Spiritual Sun, we are engaging in a type of self-care that can bring us in contact with a Higher Power. Doing that has better results than simple meditation or mindfulness methods.