Steamboat Hot Springs and Healing Center in Reno, which is a subsidiary of Cosolargy, International, has been listed on the website of Hot Springs of America. The listing includes a video from Living in Reno TV, which is linked below. For those who haven’t been to Steamboat, here is a brief description from their brochure:

“Steamboat Hot Springs is a natural spring with geothermal mineral water. Mineral water is defined as water that contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals or gases. Most mineral water from natural springs contains calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium sulfate, and is impregnated with carbon dioxide. All of these elements are found in the Steamboat water. In addition our water also contains sulfur, lithia, soda and a high level of silica. This highly mineralized water has been used for health and healing for centuries. Native American people considered Steamboat a sacred site. They came from all of the surrounding territories, and as far away as Mexico, to use the healing water. Chief Winnemucca recommended the water to pioneers as they came into the Nevada Territory in the early 1850’s. Dr. Joseph I. Ellis established a hospital at Steamboat in 1861 using the water for healing, and Dr. Edna Carver came in 1909 and established a healing spa that drew numerous clients for her excellent therapies. In addition to the mineral content the Steamboat water comes out of the ground and into the building and tubs without spending extended time in tanks and pipes. There is significant research indicating that this direct contact with the frequency of the earth provides grounding for the body that has significant positive health effects. Steamboat today is proud to continue a long tradition of natural health and wellness with therapies designed around our excellent mineral water.”

You can find more information on the steamboat website at: