“There is energy on the Sun, but it is not fire. It is something more powerful, which cannot be expressed in words. The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy.

“The sunbaths in the mountains are to be preferred because the astral cloud of thoughts that envelops the city does not disturb the rhythm of the sunrays. …

“What is the Sun, what is the Light? When the Sun is talking to you, listen to it instead of listening to whoever philosopher telling you about the Sun and the Light. What the Sun has given you, what you have seen, what you have felt, this is the knowledge that the Sun gives you.

“Some ask, “Where is God, how can we find Him?” … Imagine that God, just like the Sun, rises in the east and sets in the west each 24 hours. … As you cannot find Him, you you fall asleep again at dawn. … My advice to you is sleep at night , wake up in the morning at sunrise and you will see God, you will find Him. … I sleep at night, and at the crack of dawn I get up to meet Him. This is the philosophy of life.” ~Beinsa Douno

Sun Energy

Some would laugh at what they believe is obvious regarding Douno’s view of the sun. “Of course it isn’t fire,” they would say, “everyone knows the sun is atomic. It’s atomic energy, not simply fire.” While they may be correct in that, it isn’t at all what Douno is talking about. What he means is that beyond the obvious physical energy of the Sun, there is another layer of energy, another type of solar energy, and that is the Divine Light of the Spiritual Sun. This is spiritual energy, not a physical one. And this spiritual energy comes from the spiritual Sun, not the physical sun.

Technically, the spiritual sun is everywhere, since it is a spirit, but for practical use, it is best to look toward the physical sun when you want to take in that spiritual energy or Light from the spiritual Sun.

Talking Sun Energy

Actually, the Sun doesn’t really talk to us. Even the spiritual Sun doesn’t talk to us. What it does is link us to higher dimensions where spiritual beings, angels and Light Beings, can communicate with us. So it may seem like the communication is coming from the Sun, but it is really coming from those beings.

It is true, however, that all light carries information and therefore, spiritual light from the sun energy will carry spiritual information that we can learn to understand. In that sense, we could say the sun is talking to us, but the information in that sun energy doesn’t originate with the sun.

Eat the Sun Energy

“The manifestation of the cosmic christ in the Sun of Righteousness, extending to man the tree of life that he might eat of the fruits of heaven, would be an act initiated by God come in Light.” Gene Savoy, Sr.

Gene Savoy talked more like taking in that Sun Energy and the information within it, was eating the sun, or at least eating the Light from the spiritual Sun. This was not just a way of taking in that stored information but was literally a kind of eating. The ancients taught that man could reduce, and one day eliminate, the need for eating material food if he developed over time his spiritual faculties by consuming the spiritual Sun Energy or Light.

God in Sun Energy

Is God in the Sun? Yes, because God is everywhere. He isn’t confined to the Sun. And he isn’t always in the Sun. It is because we are at the dawn of a new Golded Age that the Sun of Righteousness now shines down on us. What that means is that God has placed His Presence within the Spiritual Sun making it a special version of the Spiritual Sun.

This Sun of Righteousness makes it easier for us to awaken and develop our spiritual faculties. But it won’t do it for us. We still have to make the effort to turn away from materialism and develop our spiritual side. And we can’t do that on our own terms and by our own methods. The prophets, philosophers, and spiritual gurus have for thousands of years taught a spiritual form of sun gazing which is what awakens the spirit and soul. Wearing crystals won’t do it, and neither will meditation. Those things are fine, but they do not really awaken the soul. You need to take in the Sun Energy or Spiritual Light to truly awaken the soul.