Sun of Righteousness

God in His supreme grandeur and greatness has ordained the coming of the Sun of Righteousness which sheds redeeming Light into the world – the sign of which is the Cross of Enlightenment. As mentioned last week, this Sun of Righteousness is Messianic in that it is the Christ Force by which all men and women everywhere may participate in eternal life.

The Sun of Righteousness and the Cross of Enlightenment are heavenly Forces which no one can alter or change, as has been done in the past with the teachings of Holy Ones of God, such as Jesus. Therefore, we should acknowledge and know that God now judges the world by His Light, which no one can escape as it permeates all things.

Plight of the World

People ask themselves why God allows suffering, pain, sorrow, illness, disease, war and death in the world. It is not God that causes this suffering, illness and death, but the falling away by Man – the degeneration of rebellious Angels of Light, first into Angels and Darkness and then into human and material form. The plight of the world is made even worse by the acts of arrogant men and women who ignore the laws of God given by Holy Prophets for a just and meaningful life.

God is Vast

God is so vast in His Greatness, so vast in His Power, that no one can comprehend that Greatness and Power. Some people believe God is a personal deity – an old, wise man, sitting in judgement on a throne in Heaven. Such is not the case, for God is far above such things – far more expansive than the limitations of personality, far more expansive than our limited minds.

People Judge God

People judge God because they wish to break the laws laid down by former generations of the holy inspired of God and not suffer the results of that kind of life. Worldly religions have belittled God’s commandments by making them almost childlike in their simplicity. In all honesty, to keep God’s laws demands all of man and woman’s wisdom and energies. It is not a matter of “thou shalt not do this” or “thou shalt not do that.” To live by God’s commandments requires the dedication of a lifetime. God’s commandments are not known or understood by the ignorant or by ignorant minds. They are only understood only by those who have evolved by the grace of God’s redeeming Light and who have communion with Him and His Angels.

God’s Law

Children are punished by their parents for wrongdoing. If not, they would harm themselves, their families, and later society by imposing selfish and arrogant ways upon others. And it is by force that children obey their parents. In like manner do adults obey the laws of the state and the commandments of earthly religions. It is not by force, but by understanding and love, that people of wisdom acknowledge and obey God’s ordinances, not only for their own personal good but for the Universe as a whole.

Goodly men and women who understand and love God would no more break His laws than place their hand in a fire or throw themselves from a high place. To do so invites certain suffering, pain, or even death. It is not God’s judgement that results in this suffering, pain or death, but the breaking of an immutable law. Why blame God when the results of wrongdoing are self-evident? It is our actions that result in all judgement, and each is to determine what his or her judgement will be. This is an important point.

Inspired Prophets

Therefore, God has inspired Holy Prophets to write of the laws of God so each may understand the benefits of doing right and the harm of doing wrong. Jamil came as a messenger of Light to announce to all people everywhere the new conditions prevailing in the world and what course of action to take. Goodly men and women have but to understand the new laws of God and to generate the necessary wisdom to work with these laws in order to reap the benefits.

For thousands of centuries – long before recorded history – Mankind has awaited the coming of the Messianic Sun of Righteousness which was promised in olden times. It has finally come as the result of much labor and service by former generations of the religious and spiritually minded in all parts of the world. And it has come at the time of a completion of a grand cycle when the Sun will have passed into a favorable position in the universe of space and time.

God Reaches Out

By these means, God has been able to reach the minds and the hearts and the Spirits of people who for so long have been existing in a most unfavorable environment with their hearts and their minds and their souls closed. Therefore, the judgement of goodly men and women who acknowledge the coming of Christ into the world through the Sun of Righteousness is everlasting life with God. And the salvation of the goodly comes directly from God through the grace of His redeeming Light and not by any other means – not by blind obedience to former laws, nor by the blood shed of prophets, nor by the sacrifices of Holy Men and Women of God.