“The Sun does not need philosophers to prove that it exists. How big it is, what does it do, there is no need to prove this. Philosophers are necessary when the Sun sets down. Prophets are necessary when the Sun sets down. Mothers and fathers are necessary when the Sun sets down. When the Sun rises everybody must be at work. A new credo is necessary. …
“If a person meets the Sun every day continuously for a whole year in a proper way. No matter if the weather is clear, cloudy ad rainy, or there are snowstorms and tempests, he or she could become ingenious.
“From the Sun descends regular, rhythmical and harmonious energies, but here we influence them with our thoughts.” ~Biensa Douno

The Sun

When spiritual teacher like Douno capitalize “Sun,” it is clear to most spiritual students that they are not talking about the same thing as when they say “the sun”. While “sun” refers to the physical star that is closest to our planet, “Sun” is it’s spiritual counterpart. It is this spiritual Sun that does not need philosophers or prophets to explain it, when it is “shining”. But the Spiritual Sun is not subject to the limits of time and space. Therefore, it doesn’t rise and set in the same way as the physical sun.

A Time For Philosophers

When everyone obeys the law, there is little need for police or judges. If everyone knows the truth, there is little need for philosophers or prophets. But humans do break laws and do deny truth. Sometimes, it is the politicians who make a concerted effort to hide truth and wisdom from the average person. They fear we will not need them if everyone becomes wise and knowledgeable. They choose to protect their personal position in the material world over protecting the rights of the people they claim to represent.

Other times, it is the priests and ministers of the major churches and religions who suppress the truth. Simple, comfortable religious practices, where people simply worship but do nothing to make themselves more spiritual is used to control and to suppress truth. It keeps those churches and priests in power.

Often times, it is both. When a church teaches what the government wants the people to here, that church is given certain privileges that others don’t get. When a particular politician or political party helps out a church, that church is likely to recommend voting for those people. Then there are the cases where a despotic politician makes it clear that if a powerful church doesn’t teach what they approve, that church will be eliminated. Some churches give in and change their teachings, other don’t and are destroyed.

Sun Set Down

This suppression of truth is what Douno means when he talks of the Sun setting. This is the time when philosophers and prophets come to try to correct the situation. It is not an easy job.

We are seeing now, especially in the United States, a large percentage of the population that is perfectly willing to live lies and complete fantasies. As long as the lies are what they want to here, they treat them as truth. As long as the fantasies comfort them with their false beliefs, they embrace them. Many of them are even aware to some degree that they are lies, but it doesn’t matter. They would rather live is a comfortable world of lies, than awaken to truth that is uncomfortable and requires them to work.

Sun Rises Again

Despite all this, we are in a period when the spiritual Sun is “rising” again. Truths hidden for centuries are coming to light. People are coming out of darkness and looking for the Light. Some people are listening to those government agents telling us to hide from the sun like vampires, and instead are practicing sungazing and similar solar energy absorption techniques. Most, unfortunately, are looking primarily at the physical sun, but that is slowly changing. And as more people practice solar techniques, the Spiritual sun “rises” higher in that more of its energy reaches us, our planet, an everything on it. Now we may be beyond the time for philosophers and prophets, and in the time for teachers. We need spiritual teachers to teach those sun gazing methods as more of us awaken to the need to awaken and develop our spiritual faculties: the spirit and soul. As the sun rises ever higher, so does the consciousness of man, animals, and the entire world. Those who get on front of the line and learn now will be the leaders of that new world tomorrow.