Sungazing Survey

Sungazing Survey
Age Range?
How often do you sungaze with others?
How long have you been sungazing?
While sungazing, have you ever noticed the orb seemed to flicker back and forth from dark to bright?
While sungazing, have you ever noticed the entire orb to appear:
Have you ever had dreams in which you were looking at the sun?
Have you ever experienced the appearance of "twin" or "double" suns?
Have figures, symbols, or other unexplained visuals ever appeared to be on the face of the sun?
Has your sleep time decreased since you began looking at the sun?
Has your caloric intake decreased since you first began sungazing?
On clear days, are you able to locate the sun's position in the sky with one head-turn or glance?
Do you practice any other meditation or "consciousness elevating" methods.?
How many different sungazing methods are you aware of?
Have you ever experienced a disassociation of time while sungazing?
Have you ever experienced a suspension of breathing, for more than 30 seconds, while sungazing?
Have you ever noticed the solar orb to take on geometric shapes that are not spherical?
How often do you experience increased positive feelings or affects during or after looking at the sun?
Do you feel your eyes have been harmed as a result of looking at the sun?
Would you recommend sungazing to others?
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