“When you go on an excursion choose the places well lit by the Sun. These are the southern slopes of the mountain.
“There is always more prana or vital energy in the mornings than at noon. At that time, the organism absorbs the greatest amount and the most powerful positive energies. The first rays of the Sun (at sunrise) are the most energetic; the Sun reaches the pinnacle of its action. …
“Those who have lost meaning in life must greet the Sun every morning. Get up and see the rising Sun for a month and see how you will feel then. In the springtime look at the flowers and trees in bloom.
“People today often like to speculate with sophisticated phrases about the existence of God and to ask if there is a God. I do not solve this question in a philosophical way, but I just say that God exists as the Sun is shining.” ~~Biensa Douno

Let the Sun Shine In

Whether you are traveling or staying at home doesn’t make any difference. Choose a place well lit by the sun. Also one well lit by the Sun. Notice that Douno always capitalizes the word in the text quoted. I can’t be certain that my interpretation is the same as his, but when I capitalize it, I am referring to the spiritual Sun rather than the physical sun. While the two are related just as we are related to our own spirits, it is important to recognize the difference.

This doesn’t mean that we all have to live in wide open spaces where we get a lot of sun. That would be impossible for most urban dwellers today. It does mean that when we engage in spiritual practices, we should go to an open area such as a field or a park and look upon both the physical sun and the Spiritual Sun “behind” it.

Sunrise Sunshine

Douno tells us there is more “vital energy in the morning” coming from the sun, and that we should all get up and watch the rising sun as often as possible. It seems like this applies to the physical sun rather that the spiritual. Primarily, it does, but it really applies to both. The reason is that not all physical light from the physical sun acts as carrier waves for the Spiritual Light from the Spiritual Sun. Those Light waves originating with God are carried primarily on ultra-violet light. You know, the stuff the materialists want you to block out of your life as much as possible.

Because the sun gives off more ultra-violet light in the morning (or more accurately, the atmosphere allows more of it to get through because of the angle of the sun at that time), sunrise is the best time to engage in spiritual practices. This is not a new or radical idea, but the reason why most churches have traditionally had their services in the morning, at least until recent decades. The Essenes of Israel got up, took a ritual bath to cleanse body and mind, than climbed to the top of a nearby mountain to watch the sunrise. Many other similar groups did the same.

God and the Sun

When Douno says that “God exists as the Sun is shining,” he is saying more than just, “God is as real as the sun.” He is expressing belief in God, but intentionally relating that to the Spiritual Sun, the Sun of Righteousness. This is not saying that the sun is God—a mistake many make when they hear this. Neither the physical sun or the Spiritual Sun is God except in the sense that everything is a part of God. But if you want to communicate with God, to become one with God, to achieve higher states of consciousness, you wont do it by looking for God in a puddle, or a brick wall, or inside a building with the light of the sun blocked out by stained glass windows. God sends Hid Divine Light to us through the Spiritual Sun, so that is where we must look if we are to get that Light in any significant amount, and sunrise is the best time to do that for most of us. So neither Douno, nor us in Cosolargy, are teaching that the Sun is God, only that the Sun is a Path to God.