I read with keen interest the unparalleled journey of the theologian, explorer, and consummate mystic that was the Most Rev. Douglas Eugene Savoy. His desire to penetrate the divine mysteries of the cosmos in the equilibrium of religion and science make his eventual “discoveries” a unique legacy that is at the same time rational yet spiritual. As one who has studied “Nascent Christianity” and Patristics many concepts in “Project X” deeply resonated with me about how the original teachings of Jesus were lost and His Messianic movement institutionalized. I look forward to learning more about your research in this domain. … It is my true desire to evolve my consciousness by the privilege extended to me to study with this Community.

Shawn S.

Metaphysics holds a real fascination for me. I studied with the Rosicrucians several years before finding Gene Savoy and his Solar Teachings. I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered Cosolargy. I feel it has taken me further in my studies than what I had on my own. I remember Gene Savoy Sr. writing something to the effect that you better have a system; it didn’t have to be Cosolargy, but if you did not have a system or plan of some sort, you’d probably be lost. I have never forgotten that.

I enjoy the association of like-minded and personable individuals that attend. It is both refreshing and rejuvenating. I personally believe Gene Jr. has done a wonderful job in picking up the reins. I can honestly say I have never been to a church where so many members truly believe and share so many of the same common beliefs as in our walk on the Path of The Way, and methods to employ in getting there. God willing, I will enjoy this shared family experience for another sixty years.

Terry H.

I think that I have always believed there was something beyond the physical, at least as far back as I can remember. But I always had doubts about some of the things taught in church. I really can’t remember what triggered it, but in 1991 I felt that I needed to get back into spiritual studies. I started reading spiritual books and magazines again. I started looking at the ads for spiritual schools in the magazines that I read. An ad in Fate for Project X caught my attention, and I sent in a request for more information.

I liked what I read in the information packet and decided to join The Community, at least temporarily. Over the next several months, as I read the books and listened to the tapes I was sent, I became more convinced that this School was for me. Later in the year, I attended my first Convocation. After that, I had several dreams that I felt were about my involvement with The Community. In one such dream, I was helping several people I recognized as members of the group construct a brick building. In another, I was climbing a mountain with Community members. These dreams and others helped convince me that I had made the right choice to join. I continued to read the books, listen to the tapes, and practice the techniques. After retiring a few years ago, I moved to Reno and became even more active in The Community.

Harold B.

In November 2007 I received an unanticipated email about a man from India who was going to give a lecture on sungazing. I was both and skeptical… So one morning, the following April, after a cold Chicago winter, I went out to the beach at Lake Michigan and waited for the sun to come up over the horizon. When it did, I looked at the sun for 10 seconds and then turned around and went home. I continued adding 10 seconds each day and before long I was looking at the sun for several minutes. Slowly, I started to feel something happening. I felt calm, joyful, and sometimes euphoric. As the time looking at the sun each day grew longer, I started to feel something awaken in me. Around the time I reached 25 or 30 minutes a day I began communicating with the sun. I’d express my gratitude each day and ask for guidance on different aspects of my life. Finally, almost 2 years after the lecture, I reached the goal of 44 minutes a day.

Looking at the sun had become an important part of my life, but reaching this goal was a bit anticlimactic. I continued looking at the sun but began to wonder if there was something more to this process. I asked the sun to direct me on a path that would allow me to learn more about this ancient practice. The path led me to the film “Eat the Sun,” which I watched in September 2012. Once I saw the sunrise service and interviews, I knew Reno would be on my path. I knew I’d come to the right place. I’m grateful for the opportunity to become part of the Community of Cosolargy and continue working with the sun on a higher level.

Paul S.

I have been on a plant-based diet for most of my life. I also work with living foods when I am feeling sluggish or on the doorstep of illness… Then one day while in bit of a trance while outside in the sun, it occurred to me that these plants are absorbing sunlight and then this light is being transferred to those of us who eat them. So why not just go directly to the sun.

I feel I have been traveling on a horizontal path with the Jamilian School without being aware of it for several years. I am glad finally to be in the same orbit and in class!

Zatiti E.

I heard in a lecture the word Cosolargy, and it had triggered a search within me. I was doing some solar work and had seen information regarding solar techniques, etc., on the Jamilian website. I’ve always been a curious being. I am persistent and will do all I can to pursue this chapter in my life with the teachings that this University has to offer me. I believe I’m right where I’m supposed to be at this time. I trust that this community will assist me further with my spiritual unfolding.

Crystal W.

I do know that from the time I was born into this lifetime I have been searching for the Truth—which, in this dualistic world, appears to be quite elusive and abused. When I was young I knew that there was something wrong with this world. The wool had been pulled over our eyes. But, why was no one complaining? Why was no one searching for truth as I was? I would ask questions of the church I used to attend that would bring answers that made absolutely no sense to me. I knew that there was something out there to find—well beyond the church and well beyond this realm…

After college, I went on to try to live a “normal” life. But, the seed inside me kept pushing to find answers. I began reading hundreds of books just to get bits and pieces of clues (archaeology, religion, spirituality, new age, aliens—whatever subject would answer my latest question).I began to interact with others online that I felt were closest to finding the Truth; however, eventually there ended up being no one.

After so much of this misery, I had become quite dismayed and pretty much hopeless. I could not see the next step on the spiritual journey and was almost starting to wonder if there even was one. Then I was led, as usual, to find an article on sun-gazing and Cosolargy. I eagerly read it, and things immediately became clearer. This explained the solar orientation of all the ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Mayans! And, it explained the activation of the pineal gland and the path to full enlightenment. I had not felt this much excitement (really, no excitement) in years. I continued searching the internet on this subject and found that there was actually an organization that taught and utilized these methods. The next step was finally clear, and shortly thereafter I joined The International Community of Christ.

Michelle G.

For the first half century of my life I searched for “what I should do with my life,” as nothing I had tried seemed quite right. Not long after becoming a Consociate of The Community, my circuitous past path finally made sense: It was all geared toward membership in the Community; all that I have learned, practiced, and become, instead of being a hodgepodge of disparate experiences, I have now recognized to have been “training” for becoming a Cosolargist and contributing to The Community and its work.

The experience of the Convocation was like a paradigm shift. I no longer quibbled with the language of the coursework or the concepts. It didn’t seem to matter that much, and I felt at home in The Community. I had experienced metanoia. Over the past ten years as a Consociate I have come to see that all of my previous, circuitous life path was a preparation for my life in The Community. All that I’ve learned and done helps me contribute to The Community. I realized that I was wrong about “church” being passé. I feel like I’m finally home, finally in a life that makes sense, with others who live for the same goals. I’m in a place where I fit in and can give myself to God and in community can become more than I could ever have hoped on my own. I feel fulfilled.I feel preordained.

Bob A.

I have read many books by many great authors, visited and experienced the minds of many knowledgeable teachers in over sixty countries and found their spiritual knowledge to be severely lacking in great spiritual truth and, at times, even somewhat boring— like tasting sixty different types of vanilla ice cream and realizing that there must be more than vanilla out there. Our religious background was Roman Catholic, and at the enlightened age of six, I told my parents that I would no longer attend Sunday Mass at our church, and when asked why, I told them simply that God was not there. Fate brought me a magazine with an interesting story of a Community of Mystics in Reno, Nevada, who were bringing forth new teachings using an ancient system. I ordered three of their books, and they arrived just before my departure for India. The books were fascinating, I had never encountered or experienced information of this nature, along with techniques that were truly new to this world of ours. I spent three months in India, which gave me ample time to experience this new system and apply the techniques outlined in the study portion of the books. By the time I returned home to Europe something had changed inside me; I looked at the world around me in a different way. I started my correspondence studies with the International Community of Cosolargy with the knowledge that my destiny was with this school and these new teachings. Within two years I was on my way to Reno and a new life.

My spiritual studies started along with an urge to Heal, as the illnesses I saw around me in society seemed simple to remedy, yet people still suffered from these illnesses due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. With the International Community of Cosolargy I learned that although the body suffers needlessly from illness, the cause is situated deeper within consciousness. I followed this cause through the mind into consciousness itself. Trauma and mental illness seems to affect this psychic consciousness by impression and in time will, by gifting an elevated psychic level to the individual, steer the person into a belief system based on the original experience of the trauma or mental illness.

Spiritual Consciousness is from a Realm of Light far removed from this physical dimension and absolutely not concerned or interested with us in this lower realm of existence, unless we, through a system of Spiritual Healing, can reach out to this realm of Light and appeal to this Light to Heal us of our false beliefs and attachments to this false reality we live in. The International Community of Cosolargy has been given the means, the Spiritual Formula, if you will, to Heal our false sense of reality. The Community, using an ancient Spiritual technique, can teach students to view and experience the Spiritual Sun, which can open an individual to the incredible power of LOVE, only experienced by great teachers of time past. The Community also has a system of Healing using Color therapy, Sound therapy, and of course the Spiritual techniques relating to the Sun. Enough to fill a lifetime, for anyone, with treasures from a Higher realm of Truth.

Robert R.

My life in spirit started with the four C’s: Catechism, Communion, Confirmation, and Confession. I believed that Catholicism had taken me as far as it could for the moment. I felt that there was something more to learn, to experience, about God. I knew there was a God out there, a really big God that was bursting at the seams and spilling out over the structures and confines of dogmatic thinking.

Around this same time I had suffered some personal disappointments, and in a place of teenage despair, I asked God with every fiber of my being to do with me what he willed, to show me his face. As soon as I had said this, I heard what sounded like the creaking of a very large ancient door opening, and then WHISH, I was off on a spiritual journey of discovery into the simplicity and complexities of God. I became inflamed with a love for God, and for a short time at a considerably young age, I became a zealot. Over the next few years I studied world religions. I practically ingested books on metaphysics and spirituality, finding that God lived outside as well as inside of “the box.” Up to this point, besides realizing that I had totally fallen in love with God, I knew that the only reason for anyone’s being on this planet was truly for the cause of spirit. To awaken the knowing of God within oneself again.

I had been urged to visit the magic mountain—Mount Shasta in California. I enrolled in a seminar to be held at Stewart Mineral Springs. When I began, I suddenly felt a strong presence in the room. A clairaudient ability had started to awaken in me several years ago, along with the ability to sense the presence of a being in a room… And then I heard these words, “Look to the Sun, it is all about the Sun!”

Exactly three days after this last encounter, I was looking at the morning light as it came through the window, as usual, but this time it was different. This time the light was filled with visible particles that sparkled and seemed alive and were of the most gorgeous golden hue. I felt a compulsion to get up and look at the Sun to see what was going on. As soon as I made eye contact, Wham! Information started flying at me at warp speed. I started getting an intense download of information explaining how the Sun opens and energizes all the chakras, creates the light body… I could see beyond a veil, and then had a eureka moment. “God is the Sun! God is the Sun! God is right there looking at us all through the Sun!” … I was given a glimpse into another realm beyond the physical Sun and felt an overflow of love.

I wanted to know more, more, and more. There were references to Gene Savoy Sr. in a compilation of articles. I researched him and was led to the Jamilian University, the study of Cosolargy. I was amazed by the program and felt intuitively that it was “Pure Religion” from an ancient source, and this, I knew, was rare.

The knowledge of the sun has greatly impacted my life and opened up a whole new road on this journey of the Soul. For this I feel the utmost gratitude.

Jonna G.