Jamilian University

A Journey of Knowledge

Who is this University for? This school is for those with a desire and willingness to learn and apply a proven spiritual system with roots in ancient traditions.

If you’re self-inclined to be spiritually-oriented, then this process of spiritual regeneration is worth exploring to further your understanding of …

• Spiritual Nature
• Spiritual Consciousness
• Philosophy of Life
• The System of Cosolargy
• The Second Advent Community
• And, much more

We chose the word university because it fits the model, us, and those who decide to enroll. With a set curriculum covering a range of topics, you’ll come away with deep knowledge of what Cosolargy is and how to apply it to your life rhythms.

Ideal Candidates

Unlike other universities, our program isn’t dependent upon prior academic achievement. Enrollment in the Jamilian University is open to anyone who is at least 18 years of age regardless of race, nationality, sex, creed or religion.

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Tutors at Jamilian University
The Tutors

The Jamilian University is staffed entirely by people who practice The System and are dedicated members of The Community with years of experience and applied knowledge.

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